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Kids' Guide to Jamaica

What do people do

Published May 26, 2002

Jamaica is one of the larger Caribbean island and people live and work differently in various parts of the island. Some people work in the busy business areas, some work in the travel industry on the North and West coast of the island while others live in the countryside and are farmers.

Tourism is very important to Jamaica and many Jamaicans work in hotels, restaurants and shops that serve this industry. It is Jamaica's main industry.

Farming is common as many people buy their produce in the local markets in their town or district. Coffee farming and sugar cane are also main industries in Jamaica. Blue Mountain coffee is famous all over the world because of its great taste!

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May 9, 2011 4:43pm [ 1 ]

my parents are decended from Jamaica but i thought it was kinda ironic how i didnt know anything about Jamaica so i came on your website and got a lot of information thanks x3 for the info.

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