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Regions in Jamaica

Published Dec 26, 2005
Regions in Jamaica-Body-2

Jamaica is divided in to three counties with 14 parishes. The 3 counties are: Surrey, Middlesex and Cornwall

Regions in Jamaica-Body

Below are the names of the parishes with their capitals in parentheses:

  1. Clarendon (May Pen)
  2. Hanover (Lucea)
  3. Kingston (Kingston)
  4. Manchester (Mandeville)
  5. Portland (Port Antonio)
  6. Saint Andrew (Half Way Tree)
  7. Saint Ann (Saint Ann's Bay)
  8. Saint Catherine (Spanish Town)
  9. Saint Elizabeth (Black River)
  10. Saint James (Montego Bay)
  11. Saint Mary (Port Maria)
  12. Saint Thomas (Morant Bay)
  13. Trelawny (Falmouth)
  14. Westmoreland (Savanna-la-Mar)

Origins of names some parish names:

  • Clarendon: after Edward Hude, Earl of Clarendon
  • Hanover: for the House of Hanover, ruling dynasty of Great Britain
  • Manchester: after William, Duke of Manchester, governor of Jamaica when it was created in 1814
  • Portland: after the Duke of Portland, governor of Jamaica when it was created in 1723
  • Saint Ann: translation of Santa Ana, name given by Columbus
  • Saint Elizabeth: in honor of Lady Elizabeth Modyford, wife of the governor of Jamaica in 1670
  • Saint James: in honor of James, Duke of York, later King James II of England
  • Saint Mary: after the capital, Puerto Santa Maria under Spanish rule (now Port Maria)
  • Trelawny: after Sir William Trelawny, governer of Jamaica when it was created in 1771
  • Westmoreland: after the county in England, because this county contains the westernmost point in Jamaica

The scenery and weather are similar across the island.

The North and West Coasts of Jamaica is where most of the tourist to Jamaica vacation. These coasts have a fairly flat coastline with long sandy beaches. This region is very popular for these beaches. There are also fishing villages all over the coasts of Jamaica

The middle of the island is mainly Mountainous. Farms are prevalent in the interior of Jamaica.

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john-MIcheal readler
Oct 13, 2010 9:15am [ 1 ]

i love jamaica and jamaica loves me

Nov 19, 2010 10:03pm [ 2 ]

Mi LOVe Mi some Jamaica

Dec 3, 2010 11:43am [ 3 ]

It is now time for our people to wake up from the coma. The name of the land is not Jamaica...Jamaica is the Corporate(Business) name created by the European Hybrids from the Aboriginal Indigenous name Xaymaca. Therefore, our people cannot be Jamaicans because Jamaica is a Corporation and people do not name themselves after a corporation. People name lands after themselves not the opposite. The Moors, (hint Moroons) were already on the Island (apriore) prior to any Europeans including Christobal Colon, arriving there. We must begin to teach our children the Truth out our Story and not some re-constructed His-Story created by the Grafted ones which has stagnated our peoples for generations. We are not Ascendants of Runaway Slaves but instead are a Proud People of a very High Science and cultured Story. The European Devils has re-written the Story to make us feel inferior to the Pale ones. NATIONALITY IS DETERMINED BY YOUR BLOODLINE NOT WHERE YOU WERE BORN AND CERTAINLY NOT BY NAMING YOURSELF AFTER A FICTICIOUS CORPORATION. My People who call themselves "JAMAICANS," YOUR ARE Moors...that is your nationality and your native tongue is Moorish Latin not the Bastardized English you currently speak. Pace Amor.

rochelle pinto
Jan 14, 2011 12:33am [ 4 ]

man i love my country soo much, i wouldnt give it up for nothin, JAMAICANS ALL DAY, YAAD MI SEH!!

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