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Crismus dung a Yaad

Published Dec 1, 2002

Hoo-much a oonu miss Crismus dung a Yaad?
Wi always had fun even dowe tings maybi hawd
Wi nyam up de chicken, rice an peas, an jink rum
Den siddung undah di ackee tree an eat hog plum

Den boxin' nite de pawty stawt
An yuh out deh a jam, even if yuh cyaan dawnce to fawt!
Yes, Crismus dung a yawd is fi evrywan
Nobaddy look dung pan yuh, no cya how yuh tan

An how bout de duck-bread an sorrell wine
An de reggae music weh mek you twiss yuh waise line
An chawklit tea, an fry dumplin
Mek yuh lick yuh lip an do de "wata pumpin"

Wa bout gran mawkit, pickney a blow fee-fee
An all ova de place peeple a drink cawfi tea
Maas Joe dung de lane a goh kill wan fowl
Weh him raise fi two year, bway de fowl ole!

Wa bout when yuh bade from 6 a mawnin
An put awn yuh Crismus bes fi guh do some spriminawin
Den layta inna di day yuh wait pan fudgie till yuh weak
Fi get yuh grapenut ice-cream an lick di cone clean-clean

Laytar on yuh guh a cricket match an seh yuh a watch di game
Only fi buk up pan yuh fren dem an oonu run roun like oonu
Bwoy, Crismus a yawd did really nice fi true
Now yuh deh a farrin yuh siddung inna yuh house till yuh blue

Yes Crismus dung a yaad is a very speshal time
Yuh can always have fun an run joke all de time
Mi reely miss de haliday dung a yawd
Nex ere mi a goh home no cya how time hawd!

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