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Di Bible in patois

Published Aug 30, 1998

Jus di oda day some highty tighty edicated people translate di Bible into patois. Mi understan if dem trying to increase the numba of di yardies who get fi read di Holy book. Nevadeless, all a de reverence mus gaan, cause when we ready fi chat de patois it just sound RAW. So jus imagine yuh go a church and de pason start fi read St. John 3:16 and all yuh hear is sommen like dis...

"Is jus cause God did love de whole a wi why him sen him ONE Son fi come dead fi wi, so dat all a de people dem who believe seh Him real woan dead but wi live fieva".

Now, nuh matter how serious dis pason is nuff people ago dead wid LAUGH.

Anybody who go church in Jamaica know seh when it come to di Bible everybody turn FOREIGNER !!! Wha heap a accent yuh hear an how dem roun' up dem mout, yuh would a tink yuh was unda Queen Elizabeth frock tail.

De way how dem go extreme wid it yuh hear things like GORD for GOD, or Jesis for Jesus. All a dis effort fi show respect and honour fi di Almighty mus not be forgotten. Now dat dem translate di Bible who fi tell if di disciples won start chap some badwud or tell each oda bout dem claat.

If we should look pon dis project by dem people yah wi wi see dat dem turn di good book into a Jamaican story. Even dough wi luv wi bashment wi mus memba where tings stan, a dance is a dance an church is church, wi nuh fi mix di two a dem.

Anyways, dem seh wi have freedom of speech and freedom fi do whaeve wi feel like, so every man free fi do whaeva dem want so...

Nuff Luv ZEEN !!!

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ravena green
Oct 25, 2010 2:56pm [ 1 ]

yes i believe that too becuz if mi go inna church n hear patios deh prech mi go laugh.Thats y i think that patios should not be our official language.

ravena green
Oct 25, 2010 2:57pm [ 2 ]

yes i believe that too becuz if mi go inna church n hear patios deh prech mi go laugh.Thats y i think that patios should not be our official language.

Shafik Leon
Feb 15, 2011 9:26am [ 3 ]

Mi ah do believe dat dere but den again ...us Jamaicans go tew dem Jamaican church ya know! and believe it or not us Jamaicans will find ah way to get ta ah Jamaican church! so i tink Patois should be out offical language! ya'll jus needa stop goin to dem american churches! eh!

brandon smith
Apr 4, 2011 11:21pm [ 4 ]

Your not going to believe this! It's quite funny! I can actually understand it too! LOL!!!

Apr 13, 2011 9:32pm [ 5 ]

Patois is a great language for communication. To understand its power try standing on the corner with your brethren talking about your scrimmage game earlier in the day. If you spoke in standard english .... I would die laughing.

Now imagine a group of jamaican with a poor grasp of english sitting under a mango tree in the country listening to a pastor saying .....

"yuh kno! di way God really luv di whole ah wi .... dat im sen im one son .... im one bwoy pickney so dat if wi believe inna im den wi nah go suffa caw wi live fieva [inna heaven]"

Do you think they would appreciate the pastor "reasoning" with them? Patois has its place ... even in religion.

Jun 14, 2011 4:32pm [ 6 ]

Are you kidding me? If God created all the languages in the world according to scripture, why would the bible in patio be irreverent? I commend the group that has translated it into patio. Too many Jamaican have been brain washed in believing that our language isn't good, and is less than the other languages of the world. the above comment is the same inferior belief system from during slavery that continues today.

Jun 19, 2011 3:13pm [ 7 ]

mi nuh go inna church regular, but mi tink y not let dem translate di bible into patois and let dem speak patois inna church? wha's bad? wha'gwaan wid yuh? evryman hav him own opinion

Jul 20, 2011 2:29am [ 8 ]

I Find The Jamaican Reliqion And Bible Very Interestinq. I Was Told Tha I Was The First Person In 7 Years To Ask For The Jamaican Bible In A Library.

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