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Jamaican Culture

Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Omen Iz Unda Siege"

Allo dere fans, ow iz all hof uno copin wid de inflacion inna de wul? Lorks hof his mercy! Mi sen Missa Fowla go a Coronation Market de odder day fi get sum mango, guinep, a piece a yam,an a few plantins. Likle mose me haffi martgage mi ouse fi buy dem few tings. Hevryting iz so hexpensive, de price dem jussa rise as hif dem pon crack or cocaine. Iz a real shem an abomination unto de Lawd 'cause wen yu do get de sinthing dem, dem look like wen fowl scratch hout de grung undaneath dem. But see ere....

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