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    World music programs on Jamaican Radio In the 1990s-2001

    what happened to all those world music programs that used to play on Jamaican radio

    in the 1990s there were several:

    JBC FM stereo/Radio 2 fm/Hitz 92 had this one hour latino music program on Mondays from 7pm to 8pm

    on Tuesday nights they had this world music program from 8pm-10pm

    ON KLas fm 89 before they switched to an all sports format

    on friday nights they had this inner ear music show from 8pm-10pm with world music

    On Saturday Nights they had the African connection from 6:30pm to 8pm

    They later move it to Sundays reduce the time to 1 hour

    and around 1999 KLAS they had this world music program Sunday 12 midnight to 5pm

    RJR used to have world music programs mon-thursdays from 10:30pm-12 midnight

    all of those are cancelled for no reason.

    on JBC FM stereo/radio2 around the latin music program. the music went from good to crap. they used to play good Salsa music and other Spanish language music a few of which still play in my head sometimes. in 1998-1999 i remember them playing nothing but Jazz or Jazz like music. i was like What is this? are they trying to trick the people? I don't hate Jazz music but i was in the mood to hear some Latino Music not Jazz and it sucks On Sundays i am in the mood to hear some Jazz. fortunately i can still get latino music on the AM Band with radio stations from Colombia, Cuba and one from Venezuela called radio CORO 880 AM.

    around 2000-2001 Radio Mona at UWI before they switch frequences to its current 93 fm had world music programs Mon-Fri from 9am to 12pm called Okumbosi or Okumbose and in the mornings from 6 or 7am-9am where they play mostly French Caribbean Zouk Music.

    i remember my morning commute to community college with a walkman tuned to Mona Radio hearing Zouk music trying to imagine with the commute in Guadeloupe and Martinique is like


    on the AM band am radio signals from Colombia on Cuba can be heard. on south coast(kingston, st thomas, portmore etc) you mostly get Colombian Radio Station. during the day on a good analogue AM radio you get stations from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia at Nights more Colombian Radio stations from the Mountainous Interior from cities like Cali and Bogota. while stations from the Coast are weakened by other radio signals. Radio Coro from venezuela can be heard 24/7 a day.

    On the North Coast(tourist areas) you mostly get Cuban Am Radio stations on the south coast the strongest Cuban radio stations can be heard are Radio rebelde and Radio Progresso

    i miss the radio dial of Jamaica. especially the AM signals of Cuba and Colombia

    Toronto radio sucks by Comparison

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