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Published Mar 26, 2004

Below is a list of Not for Profit organizations helping Jamaica and Jamaicans. If you would like to get your organization listed please email us. Each month we feature a different Organization.

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Nicolette Brown
Aug 20, 2014 3:52pm [ 1 ]

Dear sirs, For many years i have watched animals suffer and i would like to help them. I came up with a brilliant idea to start an organization dedicated totally to the well-being of animals. The name would be "Saving Our Animals" (SOA). Now you may think that there is already JSPCA that protects the animals but this organization mainly aims to giving the animals a proper home, love and food, and not "putting them down" or rather killing them after a week of them being taken in as JSPCA does. This organization would start out with fundraisers to earn money to pay for housing, food and medication for these animals. Animals are living creatures and they deserve to be happy and to be loved and that is the main aim of this organization as well as to help out or work alongside the JSPCA to help them with the animals that need to get adopted. I would like to know how I can start such an organization and the necessary steps that I would need to take in order for this organization to become successful. Thank You

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