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Returning Residents
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Returning Residents Information Guidelines
Compiled from various books and experience by Bill Evans

The process of re-locating to Jamaica after a period of residence abroad involves direct contact with Government Agencies and Departments, as well as with airlines, shippers and customs brokers. In order to simplify the relevant procedures, a Returning Residents Facilitation Unit has been established at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in Kingston. The Unit is staffed by a team of officers who are familiar with the various regulations pertaining to importation, immigration and other relevant matters. As such, it liaisons closely with Jamaica's Overseas Missions as well as the following Ministries, Departments and Agencies:

  • The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of National Security on matters of nationality, citizenship and immigration procedures;
  • The Department of Customs and Excise on matters relating to eligibility for concessions, and the importation and clearance of personal and household effects, tools of trade, vehicles and other items;
  • The Trade Board Limited on matters relating to the issue of import licenses;
  • The Ministry of Public Utilities, Transport and Energy on matters relating to motor vehicle registration, and provision of utility services to persons re-establishing their home in Jamaica.
  • JAMPRO on matters relating to investment and business start-ups.

In each of these Missions a Consular Officer has been designated to assist Returning Residents. You are invited to contact the Mission nearest to you, and seek clarification on any aspect of planning your return to Jamaica. If you are unable to make a personal visit to a Mission, please make contact by mail, telephone or fax, and your request will be dealt with promptly. In countries where there is no Diplomatic or Consular Mission assistance, information can be sought from the Returning Residents Facilitation Unit in Kingston, Similarly, if you are in Jamaica on a visit prior to relocation, you are encouraged to visit the Returning Residents Facilitation Unit for any information you may require.


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