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Shipping Possessions To Jamaica:What You Need To Know.

Published Mar 26, 2004

The following information is provided as a guideline to assist you in making an informed decision on what to take and how to go about putting it all together. Rules and Regulations concerning some items are confusing at best and may change so please be advised you must verify everything with the appropriate agency before making the final decision on what you can include and how much it may cost.

The type of goods you can take back to Jamaica fall into three basic groups.

  1. PERSONAL AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS: These are items of furniture and household equipment, which you may need to establish a home in Jamaica.
  2. TOOLS OF THE TRADE: That type and amount of instruments, tools, equipment, devices and machinery as would be usually used in the normal course and scope of a person's profession, trade or occupation without utilizing additional labor (i.e. items must be for sole use of the individual to generate income, individual must be qualified to use them and the type and quantity for personal usage and not to be resold).
  3. BUSINESS OR INVESTMENT EQUIPMENT: When you are considering starting a business which requires the importation of equipment other than allowed as tools of trade, there may be other concessions and assistance available to you. Business people and investors are encouraged to consult with JAMPRO, Jamaica's Economic Development Agency, at their several locations. The Department and the Overseas Missions have supplies of brochures prepared by JAMPRO, which describe that organization's role and services, and are available on request.

A Returning Resident can ship Personal and Household goods or Tools of the Trade into Jamaica as UNACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE. UNACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE is defined as those goods that are going to Jamaica but not physically with you as a carry on or checked baggage on your flight home to Jamaica. A Shipping Agent or Freight Forwarder will prepare a Bill of Lading listing the items you are shipping. The original copy will accompany your goods to the wharfage or warehousing company responsible for their storage until they are cleared. A copy of the Bill of Lading along with the name of the local agent of the shipping company or airline in Jamaica that carried your goods will be given to you by the Shipping Agent.

Keep this with you on your flight home to Jamaica. You will be contacted when your goods have arrived and are ready for pickup. Note: storage costs are payable for goods that are kept at the port for more than seven (7) days after the ship's arrival.

During your journey to Jamaica, you will be given Customs Declaration Form C.5 to present to the Customs Officer at the airport. Be sure you indicate the number of pieces of Unaccompanied Baggage you have shipped. You can get this from the copy of the Bill of Lading. On presenting the Customs Declaration Form C.5 to the Customs Officer, you should indicate you are a Returning Resident and that you require an Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form C.27.

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Rachael Graham
Oct 28, 2010 12:39am [ 1 ]

Jamaicans abroad need to come home, Please help us.'' Some people have land but no home :' What about helping to introduce container homes temporary until they build their homes? Some people may be able to move back to Jamaica but not enough room for their goods, ''Most of the time they are coming home with all the possess. 'Containers can be bought all over the world and too expensive to ship home, Why not provide the service cheapely? That way the money will be spent in Jamaica. I was told :: After buying the container, one person is responsible to take it to the destination & another to shift it to the spot. Why is this? shouldnt the the delivery person put it where it ought to be?? If not could the company make it quite clear.'' How do we get the container door to door?, It's obious that the crate cannot be left on the street side. Who's responsibility is it to deliver and how is it to be delivered? ((Jamaican born)) People all over who have been living & slaving abroad for different reasons in cold countries ''We need to come home & we need to be encouraged, More honest Builders, Carpenters, etc. You can ask for one job to be done, After getting a quote agreeing for a job to be done,'' you then have to pay three different people to do the same job. If you buy things abroad to fix up your house,'you can be charged. How ever' There are some people who believe you have money just because we are living elswhere. If only they know how some of us have suffered & have been workin just to live.'' Is it possible to get an aeddress where I can buy two reasonable solid containers to buy in Jamaica?

Joan Hamilton
Feb 28, 2011 12:21pm [ 2 ]

As a Jamaican, i have to say the desire to return home is not appealing .First of all,there is the misconception that "you have money" and prices I am charged far exceeds what people living there pay. Another thing that i find so frustrating ,is that everybody quote me their fees in US dollars. Things need to change, from the government to the local people, everyone has the same low calliber mentality . Whenever I visit, and I bring foods items and used clothing for my relatives, who obviously are in need, I am charged outragous government fees just to clear the items. It appears to me as if the govermnent take an active role in helping to oppress the people. I see things getting from bad to worse,we would like to return home,but honestly feeling so insecure about it. It is not easy living in a foreign country,it does not feel like home, we work hard in the cold to make a living ,not because we enjoy it ,but because we have to,in order to survive. Ithink the Jamaican government should make better provisions availabe to those of us abroad that would like to return home,rather than multiple redtapes,ongiong frustration and financial exploitation ,otherwise known as custom fees .

Dec 2, 2011 5:56pm [ 3 ]

Hi there I know this post is more than a year old but rachael I'm feeling your pain aswell.


Dec 29, 2011 7:38pm [ 4 ]

I totally agree with your comment. I have been trying to re-locate back home for sometime now and I planned to us containers for the building materials. Its a great way to recycle and to improve the economics home. I plan to build a two story four unit property and rent it out to tourist or Jamaicans visiting... We have a long way to go in the re- structure and re- building of our awesome country. Jamaica for life!

Marsha Gayle
Nov 14, 2014 12:19pm [ 5 ]

Hi - I arrived in Jamaica at the end of July this year with my husband and children - my husband is Jamaican born. Since arriving, I have witnessed the stress my husband has had to endure in clearing the container we had purchased, as well as two vehicles (a pickup and a tipper truck). The processes and fees that we had been quoted back in London were nowhere near that which we had to fork out here in Jamaica. I think it's such a shame - my husband's desire to return home was very keen for him (for me, I wanted a different and better life for my family) - but am now sorry that we did return. It was better for us to visit as holiday-makers and return to the UK.

The Island has such a lot of to offer - but the Government and a lot of people's mentality is so wharped that the joy in returning is eroded!

Why oh why is there so much red-tape and mis-management of this beautiful country.

If I have offended anybody - then that was not my intention, and I am very sorry.

Thank you for taking the time to read my entry!!

My children are now attending schools - and even registering them was stressful.

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