Caribbean International Network (CIN TV) Adds Jamaica's "Rising Stars" to Their Line-up

Rising Stars – The number one reality talent show on local television can now be seen in New York.

The Caribbean International Network (CIN TV) is proud to announce a new addition to our programme line up – "Rising Stars", starting Sunday, October 14 th, which will air on channel 73 at 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. and reaches the five boroughs of New York.

"Rising Stars" is the number one reality talent show on local television in Jamaica. It showcases untapped Jamaican talent and brings it to the forefront in fine style. The contestants each reflect a different part of Jamaican culture and music, showing the diversity of our nation.

"Rising Stars" is the most watched programme in the history of Jamaican television and regularly attracts an estimated one million viewers, which peaked last year at 1.6 million for the final results show.

The Show's presenter is Denise Hunt and the celebrity judges are Nadine Sutherland (singer), Anthony Miller (producer & presenter of Entertainment Report) and Clyde Mckenzie (music producer & director).

CIN's CEO, Stephen Hill, stated that CIN continues to bring the best in content to the over 2 million Caribbean people in the Tri-State area. "Rising Stars" showcases the huge pool of talent that exists in Jamaica and provides the platform for these rising stars to be seen internationally and achieve even greater success.

CIN TV is the only regularly scheduled television service for the New York Caribbean-American community. For fourteen years we have provided a full menu of news, sports, drama and music programmes created exclusively for the rapidly growing and youthful Caribbean population.

CIN continues to spread its wings and afford our sponsors deeper market penetration into the large Caribbean community. For information on how you can benefit from advertising on CIN, please contact CIN at cin@mail.infochan.com or call 347-594-5659, or 917-881-8113.