The South Florida Premiere Of The Jamaican Documentary, “onepeople - The Celebration” A Success (Jamaica)




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The South Florida Premiere Of The Jamaican Documentary, “onepeople - The Celebration” A Success

Published Nov 6, 2012
The Honorable Sandra Grant Griffiths- Consulate General of Jamaica, Valrie Simpson, Regional Library Manager Broward County Library, South Region (Event Organizer and Host), Zachary Harding, "OnePeople - The Celebration" Producer,  Janice Stubbs, Broward College - Dean of Students, South Campus (Event Organizer and Host), Xavier Murphy, (Event Organizer) - Photo by Karen Lee

Over 250 members of the Jamaican Diaspora came out to the premiere of the documentary, “OnePeople - The Celebration” on October 27th, 2012. The film celebrates Jamaica’s global reach, the island nation’s 50 years of independence, and its significance on the world stage. “OnePeople - The Celebration” is a collaborative documentary that invited people worldwide to contribute footage to celebrate Jamaica’s global reach 50 years after independence.

The event was a joint partnership between, the Broward South Regional Library and Broward College. The premiere was hosted by Broward College South Campus in their state of the art Performing Cultural Arts Theatre.  The welcome messages were given by Janice Stubbs, Dean of Students at Broward College, and Valrie Simpson, Regional Library Manager of the Broward County Library, South Region.  Dr. Susan Lycett Davis, Jamaica Diaspora Representative (South East), introduced the film.

The film awed and overwhelmed the audience. They laughed, cried, and showed their appreciation with resounding 2 minute applause at the conclusion of the film. During the Q&A session members of the audience congratulated co-producer, Zachary Harding, on the excellent job he and his partner Justine Henzel did on the documentary project.

“This film is the most positive, true representation of the Jamaican people, culture, history and the land we love so much.  I’m so proud to be Jamaican”, Suzie Brown, a member of the audience.

"It was superior film. I cannot say enough about it. I was happy I came and saw it. Kudos to the entire team" said Janice McIntosh, Chief Representative Officer, Jamaica National Building Society.

“This documentary is another great contribution to the Jamaican community. That film was excellent” said Dr. Joan Muir

The event closed with authors David Muir & Sonia Morgan’s autographed copies of  the coffee table photography book “Pieces of Jamaica” to  Hon. Consul of Jamaica General Sandra A. Grant Griffiths and  Valrie Simpson, Regional Library Manager, Broward County Library, South Region.

Event Co-organizer, Xavier Murphy, thanked the audience and mentioned the other future showings throughout South Florida for the month of November.

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