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Abeokuta Jamaica- A Hidden Gem

Published Aug 28, 2005
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Abeokuta Private Nature Park welcomes you to experience the ambiance and serenity of Nature. Abeokuta is a Heritage, Health and Eco-Tourist Attraction located in Dean’s Valley Westmoreland. The Park was officially opened on January 5th, 2003 by the Nigerian High Commissioner, Her Excellency Florentina Ukonga. Abeokuta is a beautiful unspoiled natural Jamaican Attraction that has been a breathtaking and rejuvenating experience for guests locally and internationally. There is nothing like Abeokuta on the entire island and the closest place to this is Abeokuta in Nigeria, Africa to which Abeokuta, Jamaica is directly linked for over three hundred years. This occurred when the first slaves that were taken to the Parish of Westmoreland were brought to this Plantation from Abeokuta, Nigeria.

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The Park itself occupies 13 acres of land on a hill that was the original Plantation Yard. The remains of the Great House still stand magnificently fashioned from pure cut 2’ thick stone. On the property is the oldest swimming pool in Jamaica which goes back three hundred years, with near Olympic dimensions being 71ft long and 47ft wide ranging from 4 to 10 feet in depth. There is a rope swing too!

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Mineral Water is supplied to this historic pool and a “Kiddie Pool” via an aqueduct ¼ mile long. Beginning at the riverhead, water flows constantly and ends in two separate waterfalls. The therapeutic value of the Mineral Water has been highly touted in the relief of Arthritis as well as muscle or bone problems due to the concentration of Iron, Calcium, Chloride, Magnesium and several other natural minerals.

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The view from Abeokuta Private Nature Park is quite spectacular and breathtaking due to the “bird’s eye” altitude encompassing the distant ocean, spreading fields of sugar cane and enormous “paw-paw” fields that appear as a carpet of grass. There is the “Olumo Rock” which you can see on the Nature Tour. This rock is found in one other place in the world, Abeokuta, Nigeria, Africa! Abeokuta is a crime-free community with no hassles and the beautifully kept grounds are Harmonious and Tranquil with flowers and fruit trees all around.

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If you are looking for that special Wedding Venue, Group Gathering Spot or just a relaxing day in the hills, Abeokuta should be your first choice. The entire park is dotted with picnic areas, playgrounds for volleyball, football or cricket and BarBQ Cook Outs. Managing Directors, Owen and Mitsy Banhan can be reached at 876-957-7719 or 876-823-1587. Abeokuta Private Nature Park is just off the B8 Main Highway between Ferris Cross and Montego Bay just a few miles from Ferris Cross. Just look for the sign at the road.

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Aug 31, 2010 7:23pm [ 1 ]

I,ve been leaving in Abeokuta ,in Nigeria for two years...I love Abeokuta and Ia am so surprised to find a new Abeokuta,so happy. I would like to know more about it!!!!

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