A Spring With Healing Powers: Jamaica’s Mineral Bath (Jamaica)




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A Spring With Healing Powers: Jamaica’s Mineral Bath

Published Jul 29, 2007

As I approached the entrance of the spring, I saw people coming from every direction.

Children…young people… old people … We all had one thing in common! “Getting relief for our aches, pains, sinusitis, Arthritis and any other ailment you can think of…

Jamaica’s Mineral Bath, in the parish of St. Thomas, has long held the secret of ‘Healing’

For weeks I have been struggling with blocked Sinusitis and my body ached for relief…

Now was the Moment…I hurriedly crossed the small stream, and ran to the Bamboo Shower which took the steaming hot mineral water from the rocks high in the hills.

As the water rained on my head, I closed my eyes and recalled the story I have heard so Many times of how this spring was discovered.

Legend has it that a “Runaway Slave” who lived up in the hills of St. Thomas Was whipped by his ‘Master’ and while running through the bushes he saw this pool Of water where he started washing his wounds… A strange thing occurred the next Day… his wounds started to heal… This spring now became his medicinal

Minutes later, having completed my ‘My Shower’, I sat on a rock just relaxing and Taking in the gorgeous view of the massive rock formations… Without warning, I felt A sudden shift in my nose and forehead…My blockage was gone! My relief was Overwhelming! My Sinusitis was as clear as day…

My heart was indeed filled with gratitude for this Mineral Spring...

About the author: Maureen Wright-Evans is the owner of Summer Isle Tours which give visitors to Jamaica the opportunity to get an intimate view of Jamaican life in a community while being pampered and accommodated in elegant style. The company’s motto is..Explore Jamaica up close ... Meet the people... Sample mouth watering foods... See the culture...

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Aug 16, 2010 2:10am [ 1 ]

I recently visited Jamaica and I'm upset that I didn't know about this until after I returned to the states. I suffer from Lupus and heart disease and any sign of relief I could've got from this Mineral Bath, I would've welcomed.
I plan on returnung to Jamaica just to visit this place. I pray that it will help me also.

Aug 16, 2010 8:40pm [ 2 ]

thx to jamaica bath it heal me of my cancer?so i move to jamaica so i can close to water?thx god?

May 11, 2011 11:21pm [ 3 ]

I lived on Fountain Rd. in Bath for quite some time....I bathed at the "Hot Watta" often...It is a magical and spiritual place...I have observed "duppie" there in the evening...they were mostly curious as to who this "white man" was....if any of my bredrin read this...whitelion say "wahgowan"...irie

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