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  1. Portland Oregon Bashment
  2. Our Weekend (aka when Canada comes to town)
  3. Midwest Bashment ..
  4. if Ashley is big enuff to be showing den how wen she
  5. Movie Ratings
  6. Dexter
  7. Spartacus Blood & Sand...
  8. Nigerian movies connoisseurs?
  9. True Blood - Season 3
  10. Twilight - Eclipse
  11. Pillars of the Earth
  12. Dexter: season 5
  13. New Shows I Can't Get Into...
  14. Luther
  15. Bayside Rocks Reggae Music Festival
  16. Merican IGOL Time Again!
  17. Spartacus Gods of the Arena
  18. Camelot
  19. Dancing With The Stars Season 12
  20. NY, NJ, CT, RI. MA Bashment
  21. The Borgias - The Original Crime Family
  22. Nurse Jackie anyone?
  23. Game of Thrones!
  24. Braxton Family Values
  25. i highly recommend Prof Gates new series on PBS
  26. Grace Jones is 63 today
  27. 2011 Caribbean Filmfest - Washington, DC
  28. True Blood - Season 4
  29. Calgary Reggaefest Aug 20
  30. may i recommend 'THE LEMOM TREE"
  31. Taste Of The Caribbean Jerk Fest 2011
  32. Single ladies
  33. Hartford West Indian Independence Celebration
  34. DWTS Cast Announced
  35. Coronation St..anybody watch it....
  36. Under the Roman Sky....may i recommned
  37. Downtown Abbey
  38. The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.
  39. You Family? Celebs Who We Didn’t Know Were Black
  40. Upstairs Downstairs
  41. Guilty Pleasures
  42. OWN - Finally coming together....
  43. The Jamaican connection behind Dolvett Quince
  44. Steve Harvey hosting Family Feud is a hoot
  45. Kris Jenner book is released...quelle surprise
  46. 'Real Housewives' star: Reality TV spawns bullying
  47. Revenge: Anybody Watching This?
  48. Former NBA player and ex-'Real Housewives' star to
  49. Draya Michele Tries to Keep Sex Tape Damage at Bay
  50. Tower Heist is hilarious n Heavy D has a cameo
  51. Boardwalk Empire
  52. Loud Television Commercials will be limited
  53. Downton Abbey
  54. Hell on wheels
  55. Is Beyonce and Vibez Kartel using the same soap?
  56. Movies that I get lost in...
  57. Spartacus: Vengeance
  58. Anybaddi saw Red Tail dis weekend?
  59. American Idol accused of giving Jim Carrey's dawta
  60. how tacky can u be an mek di world seet
  61. Will & Jada to Create DJ-Themed Reality Competitio
  62. I love TI n Tiny n the Family
  63. Undercover Princes playing Toots as dem background
  64. ck dis link fi see Chloe K n har real father...
  65. russian Dolls...wat a misnommer...dem women put di
  66. ooohhhh Downton Abbey...oooh scandallllll
  67. Vintage Reggae WinterFest
  68. Jon Stewart OMG
  69. Magic Johnson, Sean Combs to Helm New Networks
  70. Dancing W The Stars new cast
  71. shameless
  72. Icons Of Reggae Concert
  73. House of Lies
  74. Real Housewives' Kim Zolciak announces she is preg
  75. ToniBraxton Career-what up?
  76. Scandal....
  77. Magic City
  78. The Bob Marley Movie trailer & sneak clip
  79. Wahalla come here
  80. Duck dynasty
  81. Rastas release Bad Friday documentary
  82. Sheree Whitfield Quits 'Housewives,' Says She's 'T
  83. KC Chapel Choir in DC, May 4-5
  84. who is your favourite vampire?
  85. Game of Thrones stars want to visit Ja
  86. Fashion Star...interesting show
  87. How come no one mentioned Borgias
  88. loved Avengers...loved it ..finally went to see it
  89. Red Tail
  90. Dallas
  91. anyone watch East is East n West Is West movies??
  92. Mavado shooting - in Newark NJ
  93. NEW YORK
  94. The Next Food Network Star 2012
  95. Breadfruit Kingdom
  96. Ted
  97. Dhani tackles the globe...anybody watch it?
  98. Magic Johnson Launch new TV network.
  99. movies you never got...
  100. DIVORCE: rhobh adrienne and paul
  101. Classic Movie you would love to get?
  102. Fire in Babylon
  103. New Oprah Low ...
  104. Suits.
  105. Born in Trench town
  106. u goooo NeNE
  107. Revolution and LAst Resort
  108. Teresa is really a dumb NJ ooman ..fi real
  109. "Iyanla Fix My Life"
  110. Showtime's Homeland
  111. The Voice
  112. Nina Simone movie.
  113. Cee Loo presents Liberace...in Vegas in 2013
  114. so mi how many years Y n R post lost but some mek di
  115. Gotta Just LOVE The Mighty Diamonds
  116. America's Next Top Model episode with Yendi Phillipps, filmed in Jamaica
  117. PSY & MC Hammer - Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit - 2012 American Music Awards
  118. Best of Jamaica Survey 2012
  119. Movie Ratings
  120. Anybody Watching "The Walking Dead"?
  121. Anyone watch Parenthood?
  122. Mother and Son Gangnam Style Dance...really good...
  123. 2013 jazz and blues festival in falmouth!
  124. Beres Hammond will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight
  125. Walter Admits he and Kenya’s Relationship was Fake
  126. Daughter of Kandi Burruss' Late Ex, AJ, Shot in Head
  127. Y n R have a foine black guy playing di lawyer chick bredda
  128. The Hobbits - Anyone else watched it....
  129. Django Unchained
  130. Downton Abbey season 3
  131. Real Husbands of Hollywood
  132. Reggae World Unity Festival - Miami FL
  133. American Idol is dead...
  134. The Following
  135. Justified
  136. Where's the Scandal
  137. Spartacus Is Back - War of the Damned
  138. Trying to find a movie
  139. Suits
  140. michael jacson son as *news* correspondent
  141. Oldies - Two Ways
  142. Movie: The Sapphires
  143. Game of Thrones!
  144. Death In Paradise on tonight at 7pm on PBS.
  145. So are they or aren't they?
  146. New Angela Davis movie
  147. Banshee!!!
  148. NeNe Leakes Lucrative New $1 Million Contract Makes Her Highest Paid Housewife!
  149. ‘Scandal’ Fans Start a Petition to Get Their Fix on the Regular
  150. Ms. NUNYA
  151. look like Vinny get him own show
  152. Hallelujah! Rev Run Returns To Television...
  153. oh helllllllllll no...not again...not bloody again
  154. Play: The Mountaintop
  155. Star Trek is more dan fabulous...it is soooooo good i bought a ticket to go back
  156. Best of the Best 2013
  157. The Bachelorette
  158. The Haves and the Have Nots - on OWN
  159. Man of Steel..
  160. Happy International Reggae Day!!!
  161. Jamaican-American actress Kerry Washington graces the cover of Vanity Fair's Aug
  162. Patti Stanger Engaged a Few Months After Dating her New Boyfriend
  163. Roman Polanski Rape Victim Unveils Startling, Disturbing Photo for Book Cover
  164. Rest In Peace George Duke
  165. ANTM Central
  166. 'Bachelor' Star, Gia Allemand, Hospitalized & In Critical Condition
  167. 10 Black Celebs Who Successfully Pass For White
  168. Video: Does Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" sound like Marvin Gayes "Got to give it up"
  169. Di Butler
  170. Another suicide...
  171. RHOA Sheree Whitfield juss doan seem to have any luck...dwl dwl
  172. Star Trek into Darkness
  173. The Raid Remeption
  174. Jamaican-born Hollywood Stuntman Celebrates Jamaica’s Indomitable Freedom Fighters
  175. 50 most hard to watch scenes in movie history.
  176. Mystery Diners
  177. Want ah good chuckle, den watch Tickle on Discovery channel
  178. Video: Miley Cyrus weird, trashy & x-rated VMAs Performance tonight? #mileycyrus
  179. Breaking Bad
  180. Snoop Lion n Ziggy Marley in one weekend
  181. The Butler
  182. Early Black Films
  183. Webisodes
  184. ((Blugiant)) Sorry you missed this on Judge Alex :rofl:
  185. Luther season 3
  186. RUMOR CONTROL - Mighty Sparrow is not dead but still in coma
  187. Jamaica Movie Opening: Home Again The Movie Home Again
  188. Downton Abbey series four: first look in pictures..blk character in storyline
  189. Life of Muhammed
  190. Photo: Antoine Dodson, of ‘Bedroom Intruder’ Fame, Expecting Baby with Girlfriend
  191. Did You Know They Were Related?
  192. Tessane Chin will be on The Voice tonight (right now) on NBC
  193. The voice
  194. Video: Sneak preview of Tessanne Chin on the Voice tonight...she got picked...
  195. Filmmakers of Caribbean Heritage
  196. PHOTO: Scandal fans was this you last night....DWL
  197. Name Dropping: Entertainers of Caribbean Heritage
  198. PHOTO: Provocative Miley Cyrus photo...she has to be on something #seekhelp
  199. Downton Abebey
  200. The Haves and the Haves Not
  201. Who else watches the Godfather re-runs?
  202. Baggy Dropping Blonde Slut & Famous Black Actor to be Outed
  203. Home Again the Movie - More Screenings
  204. ‘Baywatch’ Cast Had a Weight Clause
  205. Video: Tessanne Chin vs. Donna Allen on the Voice...Nobaddy Can TESS #tessannechin
  206. DAGGERING VIDEO SHOCKS VIEWERS Four-minute film draws disgust on social media
  207. Snoop Ditches Reggae
  208. Many Rivers To Cross - New Documentary
  209. Arnie
  210. Vote for Kerrie Baylis (Jamaica) in the Miss Universe 2013
  211. caribbean wives realitee show
  212. PBS: Queen's Diamond Jubilee
  213. :amish mafia" ester interracial fling
  214. Interesting TV Commercial Casting
  215. 9 Celebrity Sellouts: Malcom X Would Call them Uncle Toms
  216. Bob Marley Movie
  217. Energy Radio is back on line
  218. ((Magician)) Oman - Pilot & Black Wife on House Hunters International
  219. 'Caribbean Wives of South Florida' ..new reality show....
  220. Tina Turner Dumps US Citizenship
  221. Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival
  222. 'Real Housewives' stars Teresa and Joe Giudice face new fraud charges
  223. so weh di scandal thread deh
  224. Moving On...
  225. Jcan gangs, guns and ganja
  226. family guy killed off brian.....
  227. Best Man Holiday
  228. Oh my gosh...do you recognize the lady on the right?
  229. Idris Elba-is Mandela on screen.
  230. 9 Black Celebrities Who Discovered Race Trumps Money
  231. Idris Elba as the first black James Bond..what do you think?
  232. Tessanne Chin in the Voice Finals
  233. Tesanne 1st interview since the Voice in Jamaica
  234. LOVE AND ROCKERS Interview with Theodoros Bafaloukos
  235. Tessanne Chin Global Tweet & Watch Parties In Cities Across America & The World
  236. Her!
  237. dance off usher versus kid
  238. Chaka Khan Added to Jamaica
  239. Shaw brothers dead
  240. Kings and Queens Bring Back Love Concert
  241. Latin Fever Heats up The Bachelor
  243. So where are the Golden Globe photos...ugly frock, best frock, too little frock etc..
  244. Yaadbwoys JA teachers vs American teachers
  245. PURE BOADWL Mrs Browns Boys
  246. Top 10 Jamaican Male Reggae Singers...Bob Marley is not on the list.
  247. ONSTAGE Entertainment-JA in review 2013
  248. Buck and the Preacher
  249. Video: Ninja Man and Sizzla clash at Lutan Fyah Bday
  250. VIDEO: Tribute to Third World lead singer, Bunny Rugs #bunnyrugs #thirdworld #reggae