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  1. Jah Cure Teams Up With Multi Platinum Producer For Soulfoul New Single "I Do"
  2. JAMCCAR To Host Consul-General Of Jamaica, Hon. Herman G. Lamont At Monthly Meeting O
  3. Winterfolk XI Blues & Roots Festival, February 14th - 17th, 2013, Toronto
  4. DBJ to On-Lend US$20 Million for ICT Projects
  5. PM says Socio-Economic Advances Must Be Anchored to Economic Growth
  6. 385 Houses Provided for Sugar Workers in 2012
  7. Minister Hanna Calls for Return to Traditional Values
  8. Government Spends $1.1 Billion to Repair Roads Islandwide
  9. 230,000 Students to Receive Breakfast through PATH
  10. Prime Minister Announces Several Economic Initiatives for 2013
  11. Phenomenal Woman 2012 Chosen- Sandy Daley among top 5
  12. New Book By Ms. Shilo Chronicles Her Ups & Downs Of Life, Love & Reggae
  13. Mayor Bloomberg Announces Special Election For The 31st Council District In Queens
  14. Farika, WADU Vice President Advances Ambassador Thompson Mission in Ethiopia
  15. ODPEM Hosts Seminar for Journalists January 25
  16. JEEP School Feeding Programme Starts this Month
  17. National Broadcast by PM Simpson Miller
  18. NIS Ceiling and Benefits Increase this Month
  19. Ensure Employment Agencies are Legitimate - Kellier
  20. Prepare Now for Dry Period - ODPEM
  21. Jobs in Jamaica: Community And Public Relations Officer
  22. Jobs in Jamaica: Senior RMS Engineer - Application & Database Services
  23. Jobs in Jamaica: Journeyman Lineman
  24. Jobs in Jamaica: High School Principal
  25. Jobs in Jamaica: Senior Lecturer/Lecturer - Linguistics
  26. JAMAICA NEWSWEEKLY For the week ending January 11th, 2013
  27. Listen to the Podcast of the Jamaica & Caribbean Weekly News Summary for the week end
  28. Amber Alert - Memoirs Of An Illegal Alien Part 86
  29. Internship Opportunity - Social Media, Journalism, Photography, Public Relations, Web
  30. A Conversation with India's first reggae sound system, the Reggae Rajahs
  31. Jamaican Joke: Horse named Holly
  32. Title shock: The title they found does not match my property in Jamaica!
  33. Jamaican Headlines News, Jamaican Diaspora News & Jamaican Sports Headlines for the w
  34. Caribbean Bar Association Judicial Reception, January 24, 2013, Ft Lauderdale
  35. Jamaican Scientist Honoured
  36. Danger Zone Rebirths With Mind Therapy
  37. New Album By Kashu "From Campaign To Champagne" To Be Launched
  38. Balbour & Pino Realtors Ltd. Presents On TVJ "Home Sweet Home"
  39. Inaugural Kingston City Run: 1/2 Marathon And 5K Slated For March 8th-11th, 2013
  40. Grammy-Winning Virgin Islander To Perform Caribbean Jazz In New York, January 13, 201
  41. Advertising Grows Economies
  42. WADU President To Give State Of The Pan African World Message In Addis Ababa
  43. Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, January 28, 2013, Kingston
  44. 'The Jamaican Experience' Event Returns To Orlando, February 27th, 2013
  45. Islandwide Campaign/Tour To Launch Waspp's 'Above Average' CD Mix
  46. Reggae from Jerusalem - January 12 , 2013, Kingston, Jamaica
  47. Caribbean American Entity Unwittingly Drawn Into Sean Paul Drama
  48. "Samson And De Liard" With Ricky Rowe & Tony Hendriks, February 17, 2013, London, Eng
  49. RDX Receives 3 Nominations For Jamaica's Youth View Awards
  50. Bramma 'Da Gorilla' Speak About New Track; Gives 'Gorilla' Views On Dancehall Industr
  51. Usain Bolt Foundation Hosts Jamaica Weekend Experience, April 18-21, 2013, Montego Ba
  52. Reggae World Unity Festival Scheduled For January 20, 2013, Miami
  53. Copa Airlines To Increase Service From Panama To Montego Bay
  54. Amina Blackwood-Meeks For "6th Annual Louise Bennett-Coverley Reading Festival"!, Feb
  55. Shamari Sings Life With Gangster's Paradise
  56. Back To School Treat: What A Success!
  57. Tell All Book About Sean Paul Titled "Irie Jamboree"
  58. Etana Envisions A 'Better Tomorrow' In 2013 New Studio Album Available February 26 On
  59. 21st Hapilos Digital Kicks Off 2013 With Releases From Hottest Names In Reggae And Da
  60. Mr. Vegas and Sanchez Pre-Valentine Showcase
  61. Hotelier is the New Custos of St. Mary
  62. Earthquake Unit Gets US$30,000 from ODPEM
  63. Cabinet United in Pursuit of Agreement with IMF
  64. CASE Receives Assistance from IICA
  65. Discretionary Power to Grant Waivers to be Restricted
  66. Countdown to March 15 Income Tax filing deadline
  67. CDA Head Implores Parents to Visit Children in State Care
  68. Cabinet Signs Off on Measures to Advance IMF Negotiations
  69. CDA to help with case work for juveniles in remand
  70. IMF is not the Solution to Everything - PM Simpson Miller
  71. Transport Ministry Looking at Infrastructure for Disabled Road Users
  72. PM Simpson Miller discloses the results of Special Cabinet Meeting
  73. Security Forces Need 500 Vehicles Per Year, says Minister Bunting
  74. More Focus on Tyre Safety in 2013
  75. Implementation of the CARIFORUM/EU Economic Partnership Agreement
  76. NIS to Pay Out $1.5 Billion in Benefits This Year
  77. Sixth Annual Louise Bennett - Coverley Reading Festival, February 2, 2013, Florida
  78. Xoom & Golden Krust Announce A Special Offer For Remitters To Jamaica
  79. Jamaican Dub Poet Malachi Smith Is Billed To Perform At The African Caribbean Diaspor
  80. International Reggae/Dancehall Star Spragga Benz Releases "SWA (Sleep With Angels)" V
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  82. Jobs in Jamaica: Early Childhood Inspector
  83. Jobs in Jamaica: Senior Researcher/Researcher
  84. JAMAICA NEWSWEEKLY For the week ending January 18th, 2013
  85. Jobs in Jamaica: Assistant Registrar
  86. Jobs in Jamaica: Document Management Officer Level 3
  87. Jobs in Jamaica: Education Officers
  88. Listen to the Podcast of the Jamaica & Caribbean Weekly News Summary for the week end
  89. Ms. Dulcie Sey, "Redy wen yu are!"
  90. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem Ban Mi"
  91. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Yu Hown Peple A Do Yu In!"
  92. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "What a way dem greedy and gravalicious!"
  93. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "It's all bout May Penn!"
  94. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Wen sunshine an warm wedder de a fareign peple get haunted!"
  95. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Iz De Patty an Cocoa Bread me did eat!
  96. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Tek U Gal Picney in Hand!"
  97. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem a revolt pon di fancy, shmancy, gal"
  98. Ms.Dulcie Sey: "Simady Call 911!"
  99. Dulcie Will Tell You: Rumours Dem Spreading
  100. "Dulcie Will Tell You"
  101. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem No Have No Consantration!"
  102. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Yu Wukin Fi Which Man?"
  103. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Black Bwoy, White Gal, What a torey!"
  104. Ms. Dulcie Pon De Nile: Ingrid's Weddin
  105. Ms.Dulcie Sey: "De Elderly Ar Sitting Ducks!"
  106. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "A Shine Yeye Gal Is A Trouble To A Man!"
  107. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Ms. Mattie Dead! A Who Dat?
  108. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Sage Dem Dung!!!
  109. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Mek Me tell Uno Bout Mi Days Wuk Inna Malibu
  110. Ms. Dulcie's Hollywood Edition: "A Wey Wrong Wit Dem?"
  111. Ms. Dulcie: "You Surrounded By Nuthin But Impostas!"
  112. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem Juk Yu Pickney?!!!!"
  113. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "A Comin Dere Jus Now!"
  114. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Mi No Wan No Wuthless Pickney!"
  115. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Strange Tings A Go On, Nutten But Drugs!
  116. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Fretration Naw Go Solve De Problem!"
  117. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem Ungrateful Like A Pig!"
  118. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Uno Unda Mannas!
  119. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem a Shrink Wey De Place!"
  120. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Tings H-a-r-d Everywhere!
  121. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Bungle Dis Ya Wan Hup An Sen Him To De Home Fe De Aged!
  122. Ms. Dulcie Sey: You Down and Out Inna Constant Spring!
  123. Ms. Dulcie Sey: De Gal Richa Dan Gloria Vanderbilt!
  124. Ms. Dulcie Sey: “Dem No Tek No Pride Ina Wey Dem Do!”
  125. Ms. Dulcie Sey: “We Nevva Cum Wid Wan Hempty Crocus Bag!”
  126. Ms. Dulcie Sey: “Lawd Jesus! Dem Kidnap Ms. Palomina Pickney!”
  127. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "De Crime ina Jamaica is Trecherous!"
  128. Ms. Dulcie Sey: “Since mi nomination dem a mek mi life a livin hell!”
  129. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "A Wey Dis Ya Bogus Florence Nightengale Cum From?"
  130. Ms.Dulcie Sey: "Dere iz no luv in famblies today! Confessions of Cinderella's Stepmot
  131. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "She a breeze thru wan fartune."
  132. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem A Run De Parents!"
  133. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem A Look Far Color?!!!!"
  134. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Caarbon Copy Images!"
  135. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Marriage iz a joke today!"
  136. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Eva ere bout de Third Wurl Blonde?"
  137. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "A Wey Dem A Create Hexcitement Far?"
  138. Ms. Dulcie: "Dem A Look Wan Scapegoat!"
  139. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Wey Wrang Wid Mi Bredda?"
  140. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Mek We See Ow Dem Live!"
  141. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Omen Iz Unda Siege"
  142. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Dem wretched, sweet Lollie Omen!"
  143. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Who De Ell Iz Hoscar?"
  144. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "A Pure Roonkus Poonkus Gweyin On At Dat De Divorce Courthouse!"
  145. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Run, Run,Til Armagaddon Cum!"
  146. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Yu Usban Iz A Wild, Mad Dawg"
  147. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "A Wey Do Ar Dough...... Eh?"
  148. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Ongly Hingrid............"
  149. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Praise The Lord! Me Reach A Hollywood!
  150. Ms. Dulcie Sey: What A Way Dem Likkle Chilren "Force Ripe"?
  151. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Bulldoze The Slum "Landlord"!
  152. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Oman Can Be So Terrible To One Anodder"
  153. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Sickness Is A Terrible Ting Do Eh?"
  154. Ms. Dulcie Sey: She Fine Har Hage Paper!
  155. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Dem Tink Sey Mi Shop Is a Heng Out!
  156. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Shut Up Uno Mouth! Tap Chat People!"
  157. Ms. Dulcie Sey: De Gal Too Mawga?
  158. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Sum Human Beins Suffa From A Complex"
  159. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Yu Husban Is a Male Chauvanist?"
  160. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "What A Way Dem Buy Bad!"
  161. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Tell Dem Fi Keep Dem Merasme Hand to Dem Self!
  162. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Yu no want no "mamparlor" man!
  163. Ms. Dulcie Sey: Rastaman Capture Yu House!
  164. Ms. Dulcie: Mrs. Bhoodrasingh’s Troublesome Pickney Dem....
  165. Ms. Dulcie Sey: God Bless The Rainbow Children!
  166. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Wey Happun To Nu Yauk!"
  167. Ms. Dulcie Sey: De Boogeyman Dem A Come!!!!!
  168. Ms. Dulcie Sey: See Me and Cum liv wid me……..heh! heh!
  169. Ms. Dulcie Sey: “How Dem A Look Man?”
  170. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Haaard Times A Bust We Shut!"
  171. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Jesus Christmas! Snow Inna Jamaica!"
  172. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "Mi sick and tiad fi elp ungrateful peple!"
  173. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "So Wey Dem Hinvite We Fa?"
  174. Ms. Dulcie Sey --- via Xavier Housekeeping
  175. NYC Hotspot Miss Lily's Variety Shop Celebrates Their First One Year Anniversary
  176. Jamaican Meat Loaf
  177. Ms. Dulcie Sey: "What a Bam Bam wid de TSAS!"
  178. Granny Story: My Friend Lurlie Lemple
  179. Over 50? Fashion Tips You Need to Know
  180. We need the title, but our dad's name is different on our birth certidficates
  181. Jamaican Joke: Hair Cut
  182. Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A: Should I purchase aspects of the vacation separately or
  183. Jamaican Headlines News, Jamaican Diaspora News & Jamaican Sports Headlines for the w
  184. CAG College Scholarships
  185. 3rd Annual Bob Marley's Birthday Bash, Febrauary 8, 2013, The Knitting Factory Reno
  186. Dancehall Sensation Danger Matic Releases Video "Wen We Step"
  187. Reggae World Unity Concert, January 20, 2013, Miami
  188. Heatseekers Tour Featuring Alternative/Reggae Group Iration w/ Special Guests Passafi
  189. Tafari And Beenie Searches For Love
  190. Gramps Morgan Launches Pearl Health Systems
  191. Michael Campbell ''Xodus"- No Illusion! - The Singing Bus Driver makes Music HIS real
  192. Inner Circle Featuring Ken Boothe Releases The Classic Remake Of "Broken Wings"
  193. International Reggae / Roger Steffens Museum To Be Erected In Nine Mile, St. Ann
  194. "Tina's Jamaican Jump Up" Rockin' Live Acoustic Show, January 24th, 2013 Providence,
  195. Celebrating Diaspora Excellence – Caribbean Night At Barclays
  196. Jamaican Born City Council Candidate Michael R. Duncan Endorsed By Diaspora Advisory
  197. Black History Month + Bob Marley Birthday Celebration, February 2, 2013, Brooklyn
  198. One Mic 'The Artistic Movement' Featuring Anthony B, February 7, 2013, Brooklyn
  199. SeducXion The Aquarian / Capricorn Party, January 19, 2013, Florida
  200. 3rd Annual Bob Marley's Birthday Bash, February 8th, 2013, The Knitting Factory Reno
  201. Countdown Begins To Caribbean's Next Top Model™
  202. Magnum Kings & Queens’ Live Shows Begins, January 19, 2013, Kingston
  203. Who Is The Baddest Sound, January 26, 2013, Brooklyn
  204. Youth Leader Nora Luce Joins Caribbean Media Exchange
  205. Tafari And Beenie Searches For Love; Big Youth Advises
  206. South Florida Jamaican Alumni Announce The 9th Annual True Blue Event, March 15th-17t
  207. Jamaican Youths Gets Marketability Boost
  208. Jamaica's Debt Hurricane The Greece Of The Western Hemisphere
  209. RDX Responds To "Steal Song Accusations"
  210. Statement By The Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, On, MP Prime Minister At Post Speci
  211. Senate Passes Bill to Protect Plant Genetic Resources
  212. Gov't Invites Private Partnership to Build Office Space for ICT
  213. Thousands Expected for Jazz Festival
  214. Food Lab at SRC Accredited to International Standards
  215. Minister Neita Headley Congratulates Martial Arts Gold Medalist
  216. Reduced Waiting Period for Outgoing Airline Passengers
  217. Finance Minister Anticipates Strengthening of IDB Programmes
  218. Gov't Intent on Single Regulatory Body for Telecomms
  219. Prep Schools Play an Important Role - Minister Thwaites
  220. Jamaicans Urged to Stay on the Right Side of the Law
  221. Govt Committed to Electricity Generation and Competition
  222. 876 Old Sugar Barracks Workers and Families to be relocated
  223. Fathers Urged to Nurture Children's Development
  224. Climate Change Meeting Ends On Positive Note
  225. Security Minister Targets Further Reduction in All Crimes for 2013
  226. Dredging of Kingston Harbour to Begin Third Quarter of 2013
  227. 25 Per Cent of Firearms Licence Renewed at Mobay FLA
  228. Police Post to be set up in Charles Gordon Market
  229. Deadline-Extended-for-Public-Sector-Customer-Service-Competition
  230. Refurbished Seville Great House is Open for Tours
  231. Jamaicans Must Establish Set of Principles to Unite Nation - Thwaites
  232. Govt using ICT as a Tool for Development - Paulwell
  233. JAMAICA NEWSWEEKLY For the week ending January 25th, 2013
  234. Jobs in Jamaica: Teachers
  235. Jobs in Jamaica: Accounts Officer
  236. Jobs in Jamaica: Principal Crown Counsel
  237. Jobs in Jamaica: Road Operating & Construction Engineer
  238. Jobs in Jamaica: Administrative Assistant
  239. Avalon Partners To Present Invest Caribbean Now 2013
  240. Conversation with Jamaican Award Winning Dub Poet/Spoken Word Performer Randy McLaren
  241. Non Profit Profile: The Palmyra Foundation
  242. How to Achieve Your Goals in 2013
  243. Can I retrieve my Jamaican Tax Registration Number?
  244. Review: 2013 Rebel Salute greatness grows
  245. Jamaican Headlines News, Jamaican Diaspora News & Jamaican Sports Headlines for the w
  246. Photos: Rebel Salute
  247. First Fridays Celebrates Reggae Month, February 1, 2013, Florida
  248. Statement From Caribbean Bar Association On Immigration Reform
  249. 20th Annual "Kite Day", February 17, 2013,Miami
  250. Love Struck, What Is A Guy To Do? February, 2013, Florida