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Tuff Gong
05-17-2006, 11:02 AM
'Bailer man' says - You're never sure

PETER, A 'BAILER man' of more than 20 years, says the Government should focus more on finding persons that have absconded bail than on others like him - the sureties.

Peter says his job as a professional bailer is what keeps his children fed and in school.


"If smaddy come to you inna a bruk season, an' ask yu fi bail smaddy, yu' jus tek a chance. If someone come and offer mi $50,000, who is me, to say no to $50,000?", he asked. And in spite of reports that millions of dollars are lost because of professional bailers, he doesn't think he is doing anything illegal. He told THE STAR, "I think we're doing a service to help poor people ... Bailing a nuh yessideh, ennuh."

He says he is generally approached by people who ask him to bail their relatives. His "clients" are "poor people" who "don't have the collateral". He said, "Seh a bail is $100,000, which man whe live inna grassyard have $100,000?" Peter uses his land title to bail people and says he charges 'clients' a half of the bail amount.

In his defence, he told THE STAR that he does not know when people are going to run away but says he uses false addresses when he is not sure.

He said, "If mi nuh sure 'bout you, an' di cow whe dem seh yu tief, mi naw go tell yu seh mi live rouna Rum Street. Mi tell dem straight, if yu plan fi run whe, gi mi di money an' gwaan." He also says he plans to start a "Bail and Bounty" company but hasn't put this in place as yet.

Peter believes there is much more the Government can do to reduce the number of persons who abscond bail. He believes court officials should demand pictures of the accused persons and thinks these should be publicised through the media if the person runs off. He says this will have more effect than chasing sureties.

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