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06-09-2006, 07:52 PM
The Caribbean is told to seek more foreign police support in the fight against crime and the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

The British Minister responsible for criminal justice has given support for growing Caribbean calls for foreign police aid.
Baroness Patricia Scotland is the British Home Office Minister for criminal justice and offender management.

She met Jamaica's National Security Minister Peter Phillips on Thursday.

He was in London to ask Britain to help the Caribbean with security for the Cricket World Cup which the region is hosting in eight month's time.

Baronness Scotland said she supports the growing trend of Caribbean governments seeking the help of UK and other foreign police officers to help fight crime in the region.

St Lucia is the latest island to announce that it's in the process of hiring seven retired British police officers to help out and to add to its security contingent for Cricket World Cup 2007.

Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica are also relying on the help of UK police experts to try to nail down spiralling violent crime.

In an interview with BBC Caribbean, the Home Office Minister said she could understand why Caribbean states feel the need to bring in outside help not only for the world cup but to fight crime generally.

"One of the challenges we have now as countries is that the threats to our countries are global," she said.

"The threat of drugs, people trafficking, terrorism, money laundering - there's no longer an opportunity for any country to say this has got nothing to do with me".

Baroness Scotland says Britain is working in close partnership with its good friends and neighbours to defeat crime and those trying to demolish "our democracies".

On the question of whether Caribbean states should be dealing with their own crime problems as sovereign nations, she said:

"They are dealing with their own crime problems. What is happening is that we are sharing expertise".

The British official believes both sides benefit from such initiatives, and she says that the Caribbean is not showing weakness in bringing in foreign help.

( please smaddy, translate dis lass statement fi me..wat exakly she said or is it wat di hell did she not say

"It's showing that it has the strength, the resilience and the confidence to say I can ask you to come and share this experience with me, and I know that I will give you as much as you will receive from me".

06-09-2006, 08:44 PM
Well at least Jamaica still does not have a professional police force.
What it has it what the British left 40 years ago. Only more black faces at the top,(until recently)?
How many of the officers have any studies in sociology?
How many of the beat cops?
Now anybody who knows anything about policing knows that the primary tool of a police officer is applied socilolgy. From beat cop to under cover operators. In that the crime situation is this bad in the caribbean is not a surprize.
It is an eventuality.
The Brits knew it. Only the locals are surprized,by the effect of attemptinb to do policing without giving the officers the skills needed to do the job effectively. Now they all come like it is a surprize,thet the locals can't police the country.

06-09-2006, 09:08 PM
u know Doc, the same British is the reason fi wi problems...rape di country in any which way u want to think of...leff wi wid nothing to show for alllll we produced for them all those centuries...is a bloody shame....mi shoulda really launch a lawsuit gainst some a dem blue blood whe still a live offa plantation legacy ....go eena Buckingham Palace or really, the Tower, go tek bak di jewels etc whe yaad money buy ....matta of fact , mi a go chek case law pon dis , fi real....

06-10-2006, 07:30 AM
Well...Germany is a sovereign nation with a very effective police force however they have deputised police officers from other European countries to help them during the World Cup. The Germans have established very close ties with police and security agencies in several countries to make sure that they don't have any problems during the World Cup.
Some of these international drug barons/criminal organizations have resources that far outstrip what some small countries have. It is smart to tap into the know-how and resources of other countries if they have the expertise and prior experience in dealing with certain situations.
Where I will draw the line and stand with you, is that I don't see why we can't train our own people to run our police agencies, without having to hire retired British cops to do that.

06-11-2006, 11:54 AM
Black people really 'salt'
published:Jamaica Sunday Observer | June 11, 2006

Valerie Dixon, Contributor


MANY YEARS ago, I heard a statement which said that the West Indian colonies were never meant to be developed. They were slated to be islands where sugar was grown and its products shipped to England to be sold. The bulk of the money remained in England and only a paltry amount was sent back to the colonies to keep the few thousand whites reasonably 'comfortable'. The real owners of the plantation never saw the West Indies as being their permanent homes. The islands were only permanent homes for the black slaves and 'development' wasn't necessary for them.

As a young person fresh out of college, and being optimistic about the future, I thought this argument was a load of rubbish. I belong to a generation that was considered by many, to be bright and intelligent. Many of us proved it when we won Common Entrance scholarships that placed us in the hallowed halls of the schools built for the children of the privileged élite class.

Norman Manley was, therefore, my hero, long before he was declared one, because he allowed dark-skinned girls and boys from the bowels of the working class, the opportunity to enter these schools and gain access to an élite education. In the mid '60s and the 1970s, many of us entered universities and colleges and we again did very well. Unfortunately, many of these graduates migrated, but some of us stayed and were now taking our places as leaders in government, industry, commerce and technology.

It's been almost 50 years since the Common Entrance Examination was introduced and I wonder whether Norman Manley would be happy or sad were he looking on Jamaica today.


A paragraph ago, I said he was my hero. A paragraph later, I am wondering if he was as benevolent as I had perceived him to be. I think that Norman Manley realised that one day colonial white rule would end and he must have pondered in his mind the question: "Does the status quo also have to end?" The status quo was that a few should rule and keep the majority ignorant and in bondage. How could he guarantee that this would happen when the white rulers left? Having an analytical mind himself, he came up with the brilliant idea of how to create a new ruling class of black people. He would make certain that he culled the most brilliant ones from the masses and train them in the way they should go and when they became adults they would not depart from the training. Touché Norman Manley * the privileged few at the top and the rest at the bottom.

Unfortunately, it seems that black people are really 'salt' and just have bad luck. Everywhere there are black leaders, the mind-set is the same. (If there are black leaders who are exceptions to this, then they can be counted on one hand.) Contrary to popular rhetoric, it does not appear that black leaders love their fellow black people. It makes me wonder if there is a conspiracy going on whereby black leaders impoverish their countries deliberately and give back their countries' money and natural resources to their white counterparts who sat in university lectures with them.

How is it that white leaders uplift their people and develop their countries to a position of being called 'First World' and black leaders of the same age and education in most cases, borrow and beg for money and aid and then squander the money in European bank accounts that only enrich the same countries from which the borrowings and begging are coming? How many 'white' countries are asking European banks to repatriate money stolen from their countries by leaders who now live in exile (somewhere in Europe)?

On the other hand, I must admit that black people manufacture their own 'salt'.


I cannot understand how black people just love to have children that they cannot feed. Is the act that produces children so sweet that common sense does not prevail for a man and a woman to understand that if your country suffers from drought and famine year after year after year, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't have unprotected sex? I bet religion is lurking somewhere in the answer because we are dealing with non-white people. So those of us who don't feel compelled to 'have out our lot' must pay taxes to support fornication and send donations to Africa to feed starving children whose parents' crops have failed because it hasn't rained in three years, or whose leaders feel that they must wipe out a whole tribe because the tribe doesn't call God by the same name that they use?

What about those black people who don't own their own homes yet drive mega-expensive cars that they park on the roadside and who also wear a whole lot of 'bling' and clothes designed by persons who openly admit that they hate black people? Many times, these are the same people who complain about being 'victimised by the white man and his system' and they are the very ones who support the white man's system by consuming everything that the system produces. The black system seems to produce more crime and violence than anything else. Black people really salt fi true.

The sad thing is that no matter where we go, whether we stay at home or migrate to foreign lands; black people are still only tolerated and treated differently. I am told about a brilliant and rich 'brown-skin' lawyer who migrated to Florida and bought a house in a real top-end swanky community. Immediately upon his moving in, the 'For Sale' signs went up on the street where he lived. With all his money, he was a mere 'token' in that community.


If Norman Manley's experiment had worked how I thought it was going to work, we could have made Singapore look like foolishness when compared with our potential for development. Jamaica could have been one of the few places on earth where black people could live and be treated like first-class citizens. But the argument seems to be true that these islands were never intended for any development from which the masses could benefit. Black people must be really salt fi true. For 500 years the attitude has been one of: Keep them hungry and they will always have to come crawling for a meal.

This is evidenced by an article I read in another newspaper that carried a headline which said "Struggle on for Central Kingston constituency." The article states among other things that: "Where the residents indicated a front-runner, a certain man emerged with the majority. His supporters listed many qualities that made him the man for the job, but the common attribute was his willingness to assist and 'let off' money." How do you educate this type of mentality about the World Trade Organisation (WTO); how do you get them to care about environmental matters; and, how do you explain what sustainable development is all about? Well Marcus Garvey, I am here to tell you that the black man will never know himself, because his back will never be against the wall for the simple reason that a politician will always be around to 'let off' a money. Rest in peace Marcus. You wasted your time when you told us that "If you can't find a job then you should create one." I was really hoping that Black Power would have meant something in Jamaica 44 years after Independence, but nothing has really changed in any great or significant way.

Well nowadays, it is very fashionable to have God in your handbag, so I will 'follow fashion' by sending a special request to the Creator of Christians, Jews, Muslims and all others. I will try very hard to be good because I am seeking a promotion, in case I should 'slip up'. As a Jamaican, I am begging a bligh because I would like to move up to the next level when my experience on Earth here is over. I don't want another dose of 'saltness' and bad luck. You see Creator, right now it is one thing to be black, it is yet another thing to be born a female, but it is quite an experience to be both black and female as it seems like black people are really 'salt' fi true.


Valerie Dixon is a Manchester-based educator who may be contacted at [email protected]

Dudd: valrie,you seem to use deductive reasonong instead of inductive reasoning to come to your findings. Your logic is right,but your base is in error. Did you ever stop to thimk that the black educated that are in position in all these countries,were selected on the basis that of all the blacks in their oerspective countries,they were the most likelly to supress their fellowblacks?
You realize that blacks that got the opportunity to higher education were doing thes things,but not that they were selected to do just that. since they were evaluated as most likely used as tools of the elite to perpetuate the status quo.
Blacks will be salt as long as the educated ones do not stop seeing the forest for the trees.
youe first gleam of enlightment will be that "you are being used by the leite". they controls every thing that got you where you are,and they are not going to give it up on moral grounds.Only because they have to,but no other reason.
that means that you will have to create a situation where it is more advantageous to give up control than to maintain the status quo.

06-11-2006, 03:51 PM
Doc, u do realise dat dere r about three diffrant status quo being maintained a yaad....well four really...di farrin white, the jamaican white /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gifwedda real or juss fair enuff fi pass, the mixed jamaican who find demself eeena a position fi tidbits from di table,(stawting from govament come dung) and di coolies ,whereva dem coming from...dem define demself as caucasion, but since is ongle di darker shade ones who need fi leff India etc, dem realise seh di oddas /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gifpon dis side a di worl no really count dem eena di group /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

di person shows their latent racism and classism wid the conclusions they arrive at, having started out lauding Manley, a man who himself could ongle marry a white ooman /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif show mi how a man live a him yaad an i will show u him real feelings....yaad people pon top love tell odda people dem feel is pawt of 'masses' bout national pride, race pride etc, but look pon alll dem post Independent leaders in di West Indies an Africa, an check out dem wife ethnicity...

big up BUSTA, at least u married u paramour an mek har get di position not to mention go meet di Queen /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif