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02-02-2007, 09:02 PM
JEREMIAH Stewart did yesterday what many Jamaican parents would not - testified against his son who allegedly killed a man in his presence.

According to sources close to the case, on October 7 last year, at approximately 1:30 am, Stewart's son, Fabian, and another man were allegedly seen firing gunshots at a man identified as Daniel Clark along Delamere Avenue in the Waltham Park area of Kingston. Fabian and his accomplice allegedly ran into Clarke's home at 30 Delamere Avenue and shot him several times, killing him.

At the time of the incident the elder Stewart, who lived in the same yard as Clarke, claimed that he witnessed the attack and looked on as Clarke's lifeless body lay on the ground as the two left the premises.

The elder Stewart subsequently went to a police station and made a report about what he allegedly witnessed, and some time afterwards the police held his son and the alleged accomplice.

The case is being held in camera before the Gun Court, but our source said Stewart stated that he wished that he could have brought all the media companies in the country to see him give testimony against his son, and also that no matter the person he would always make a report to the police if he witnessed a person doing something illegal.

The matter is scheduled to continue in the Gun Court on March 1.