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Thread: St. Lucia, Cuba

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    Xavier, as far as my siblings and I know we have no relatives left in Cuba. My mother passed away over twenty years ago so we have lost touch of much of her extended family that were there but to the best of my knowledge there are none. Some have passed on while most of her family, including she herself left before the revolusion.

    Yes, I have been to Havana and the coutry in genarl many times. Havana is, like you say a photographers dream. However, for me, I enjoy rural Cuba.

    It's a great place to visit, even for extended periods, but for the average Cuban, as you mentioned, life is very difficult.

    Things in Cuba are changing rapidly and the population is on edge, namely over how the government is going to unify the dual currency issue.

    Es Cuba!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reggae plus View Post
    Just don't stand around any of the vintage cars which line the downtown streets and the boulevard. The owners will expect money.
    So if you admire a vintage car, the owner asks for cash? I assume that means taking a picture also comes at a price.
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    "Admiring" should best be done from SOME degree of a distance. A Pic? For free? Better have some mighty effective running shoes. [and abilities that'll put those A+ shoes to the test]
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