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Thread: St. Lucia, Cuba

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    St. Lucia, Cuba

    In addition to returning to Jamaica 2 winters ago Lucy and I have also been to St Lucia and Cuba in recent years. First time to St. Lucia. Very nice, laid back, friendly, relaxed. The place we stayed had a sound system running all day and well into the night. They played WAY more Jamaican music...especially classic Reggae...than ANY place I've stayed in JA over these past 20 years or so. In St. Lucia it's as if you're visiting the West Indies. In Jamaica tourists are fed WAY more T and T than Yard when it comes to music. I even took over the PA in St. Lucia and spun chunes until they needed the mic back to make announcements about the evening programs they had on tap for the guests. Good fun. Nice people.

    Cuba was last year...first time back since the early 90s. BIG changes. Loads of growth and improvements for the guests. The food still has a ways to go to reach the standards set by other tourist destinations. Again NICE people. Very warm and friendly. Amazing the work they've done and the plans they have to refurbish Havana. Just don't stand around any of the vintage cars which line the downtown streets and the boulevard. The owners will expect money.

    As I am now a golfer [just starting my 7th year at it] I can tell you that golf in Cuba and Jamaica was better than in St Lucia but still it was worth it to take the clubs and play.

    If it's hotel stays you're looking for...I'd say you'll get more Jamaica elsewhere than on the rock itself...until you walk out the front gates. THIS is where Jamaica needs to refresh its 'welcoming' committee. The good people in JA are all too often being misrepresented to the guests who come to visit.

    Jamaican hotels have sold the country out.
    ROOTS REGGAE and the music it influenced *R U L E S*. Anything else is, at best, 2nd best.

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