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    Thanks for your support

    ((((MG,Sweetsop,NN,dahjah,Blackstar,Kia, et al))))

    Half a year ago, I asked for some advice concerning a trainer course i was on where the trainer was pushing me towards a black related activity as a final project.

    It was war The trainer, has a psycology card and attempted to paint me as dumb. One day he even offered me extra help trying to convince me that Air is not an object.
    I mean I am doing this for more than a decade now.
    Long story very short, the more I learnt, the more I saw what was going on, the trainer was incompetent, not able to visualize the material and being that it was his first time teaching, he was all out on making a good impression. What he was doing especially wrong was not taking diversity into account. I tried to talked to him about it, but he continued the same way. So coming on close to exam I had to bring down management on the issue. The project manager acknowledged that he only went by the books and placed the discussion to the whole class.
    Everybody carried on as if I made him look small, but my main interest was that other people who have some diversity needs should be addressed, just imagine having to through away a dream because you might assume it is your own failure to understand and not a bad teacher.
    More came to light, even a colleague laughed him off after he attempted to correct me on using the word abstract.
    Anyhow, I presented the original topic as planned, and now I am a trainer at the institute.

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