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    Sweetssop Unusual Sensational Stories aks SUSS!!

    You think it a go gosso when a hole you tinite..I gwine do all de tings wey u did like..hole aawn mek mi answa mi cellila....what a piece a sinting...crawsizz dey pan de lan..mi sey MarieK noh out fe breed off de ooman son and wid har brite self tex messij him and tel him dat a twin she want and sey she nah go tek time wid him when she seem nexx month but ongle fe get de shack a har life wen instead a him get de messij an him madda get ie...poo ooman wey is a Holy ooman of gad naily almoas drap dung a ongle de grace a Gad dat hole har up...saccrise mi sey MK shame so till dat all now she mussi still a hide har face inna de grung

    Chip chamba pat, ole tya almoas new, healin ile,bruck back ile, jancrow toenail soup good fe da back mek u wuk a gal like dere is no tomarro...unno tep rite een is Brukky eleventeenth fowl coob sale wey unno can get all kinna tings wey Bandi teef and geem fi sell.....ile by the gill fe Ensome ...kokanat brush fe Venn fe shine ar farrid aahm mi mean har hardwood ceramic floor... Ctry she want pretty baggie but him nay ha none a de kine wey she did want,,him did ongle ha sling shat and bingobag wey nat even G2 nah ware.. Yardy she nay kno sey him ongle sell him bread by de slice come een the coob bout she want half a bread and 2 poun a flowa wid likkle cawnmeal een a it and den tun roun awda parchment paypa she mussi did want ie fe go wuk obeah caa she jellus a smaddy but mi nat callin no name.. De one Chrissy she come wid har sore foot dankey loaded wid some force ripe mango wey wi gi you mawly gripe and fluxxy complain if you nyam dem.

    Mi hear sey dem did ha waan likkle eartquake a NewYawk yessiday,,but upan furda investigayshan dem come fe realize dat a noh eartquake is ongle Ctry tumble dung a grung wen she tep outa door and dem did feel afta shacks too but is ongle she tumblin dung again....mi sey dat dey poor grung and ice mussi eena pain wid dat dey drap wey Ctry puddung pan ie.....laawd a massy good ting sey she did have aawn chooziz caa u can imagine how har saalie would a out a door and she go ketch up cole inn dey...and she did dress to puss foot to u know..she noh kno sey she cyaan wear spike heel eena dem kinna wedda ya...aye sah.

    What a ting bowadlane come to dat dem a ha boawdie a de week award....and de fuss award go to the dry foot gal fram dung a Kuntry wey nayme Chrissy wey LadyZ call labba labba mouth. She so papula dat she mek poor NN PUMS up har baggy every day no wanda een yah sumell so renk.. Tuffstuff sey she chat bad and ready fi lawn har how fe chat like de Merikans .. Peppa so fraid a har dat she staawt fren har up and beg har noh fe beat har up. Mi sey wen Chrissy go hup fe axcepp de haward and start ge har axceptance speek she not faint wey and drap dun a grung but luckily SueSumba did ha sumellin salt wid har and shub ie a har noze quick ... Bandi him bout him gat trainin eena mout to mout nat even did memba seya resusitashan and tinkin sey him mussa be Florizel Glasspole gone kiss the ooman a mean recess har...dam brite

    Sayvia devine mi neva see a ooman so accident pron so fram mi bawn ie look like a sey since she tun sellebrity ie gane to har head dat she a walk an lick ie up or maybe a big har farrid big dat it reach before she reach...a de one Chrissy mi a chat de same one wey bury patty eena ashes so ie caa warm like a sey a mikrowave and den wen she dun she lick out de meat outa de patty and den she nyam de ashy cruss....Tenk you puppa jeezas sey the kackroach season is ova caa a woulda pere screaming woulda be in yah a nite time....unno coulda imagine the screaming wid de labba labba een yah ..aye sah.

    Teef Teef.... Yardy noh go shappin and smaddy teef har shut......she tek ie aww fe chry aawn anedda one and wen she ready fe put ie back awwn it was gane...wen she go fe repoat the missin shut she noh see waa ooman well gat ie awms up wid ie gane a casheir fe cash ie...dat dey ooman mussi neva sissey de awm wasnt sumellin fresh...... a wanda if a de same ooman did teef Chrissy mind and drap ie an mek Bink fine ie....mi was shacked out a mi witts wen mi hear Bink come a bawl out fe har seyin she fine ie and wash ie...but an wanda if Bink memba sey she fi wash tne blue dye affa har leg dem....dont badda ask mi wha kinna blue dye mi a chat bout

    Cause a so mi getti mi geet and memba dat I are not a liad and ole people always ey if ie noh go so ie go near so

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