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    Re: Does God have a language?

    well, in art school we were taught to sometimes stop thinking in any modality other than visual.

    in some meditative states in ch'an buddhism, you attain a kind of mental state in which thoughts sort of flutter are left just being. I've only hit that a few times it is called 'no-mind.'

    but clearly the mind is active, if we grew up with no language we would still have higher cognitive function...perhaps you are right and we need some new words.

    animal 'languages' and signs had to evolve and grow from smaller beginnings...genetics apparently have a bit to do with this as well, as scientists have manipulated some genes in finches which render their noises unintelligible to other finches, so one has to wonder how exactly did they gain their 'languages.'
    a noble stroke he lifted high that hung not but swift with tempest fell On Satan's proud crest- no sight nor swift thought, less could his shield such ruin intercept; 10 paces huge he back recoil'd...

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