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    Apr 2015

    Talking How can i get this lyrics?

    Hey there. My name is Melvin Jay.
    I been looking for this lyrics but until now i dont get anything on google: Vershon - It's my time (mama). Thats song it pretty good for me, i like it and now i want the lyrics.
    How or where can i get it? Can anybody transcribe the song for me in the style of USA english? cuz i don't understand too much the jamaican dialect.

    PD: Excuse my english, i'm still learning.

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    Sep 2001
    Molynes Road, Half-Way-Tree, Jamaica
    Which language do you speak? What is your native language?

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    Jul 2002
    Jah bless mi dere n here
    She use to wash whole heap a dutty clothes
    sell bag juice downtown
    still she never give up hope
    cause she know seh life did ago better somehow
    mama me see u do u best now
    so a ur time fi rest now
    ooman gwane go rest u legs
    n mek ur big son mek a step
    Cause is my time

    tell me y u come here for lyrics n wat u doing wid dem n mi gi u di ress a di lyrics
    u so fake, even China denied mekking u

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