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    Interesting read on world War I

    I finished reading a history of world war II.... which had a lot of personal story....

    I thought i needed to read a history of the poltics leading up to the World War I ... I thought that it was going to be difficult to find a book that covers this issue so was prepared to read a number of books. So when i bought this book it was the first of many.. However this book exceded my expectations. This looks at the poltics of war in Asia, Turkey, Pacific and Africa. Even the perspective of islam..... I think it should be added to the must read list of any student of the decolonisation process...

    Great Quote:" ...the hall mark of the tweniteth centuary must be the revolution of the coloured races against the colonial imperialism of europe" This was stated in 1915 but by a German General Von der Golz.. who was in command of the Turkish 6th Army......
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    What nonsense! How can you have a revolution without shooting people ? Lenin 26th October 1917...
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