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    Re: Sweetssop-Tun CornMeal after 20+ years

    [ QUOTE ]
    I guess you can add different things to it like carrots, beans or saltfish and such.

    my mother never cooked it much, growing up, so I didnt know the process...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Okay I was coming to that.
    Don't mess with it, my mom in the 70s started adding all manner of things to never really work. Her favourite was red kidney beans.
    Better to eat it accompanied with some salt thing(as they say in the country)

    There are only three things that you can reasonably add to Tun Cornmeal when amking it. There are as follows:

    Salt Fish
    Corn Beef
    Poak Skin

    When man a run boat mi si dem add red herring, mackerel and even sardines. Since me nuh partake of none of the above I just leave as is, then cook something to go with it.
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