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    Re: QUIZ OF THE MONTH (Hard)

    (2nd HINT)

    2 conpletely wrong,
    2 very close
    rest is right...

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    Re: QUIZ OF THE MONTH (Hard) - May Answers

    Here are the correct <font color="blue">Answers to the Quiz of the Month. </font> Since this was the HARD category, there was a little bit more struggle than with the EASY and MEDIUM Quizzes.

    Out of 10 Questions, youo've only got 4 right. Which means one of two things...

    1. Questions are to hard... (Impossible to do with a HARD Quiz) [img]/forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    2. Unu need fi do more re-search pon di matta next time, eno! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/70388-shameonyou.gif[/img]

    *The coat of arms of the University of the West Indies contains this bird.

    Brown Pelican
    <font color="red">72% Answered WRONG !!! </font>
    (Contrary to public belief, it's not doctor bird!)

    *From which Aftrican tribe does the word 'unu' derive?

    <font color="red">79% Answered WRONG !!! </font>
    (There are a lot of Ashanti influences, but 'unu' is not one of them)

    *Air Jamaica Limited was launched in 1969 with the technical assistance and equipemnt of which foreign air carrier?

    Air Canada
    <font color="red">69% Answered WRONG !!! </font>
    (Air Canada helped start Air Jamaica, and to this day remains an important codeshare partner)

    *Clydesdale was a popular camping destination in which area?

    Blue Mountains
    54% Answered Correctly

    *The comedy feature "Laugh Jamaica" features Winston Bell, Blacka Ellis, Joan Andrea Hutchinson and this popular comic:

    Tony Handriks
    65% Answered Correctly

    *Former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson held his post the longest in history. He was re-elected how many times?

    3 times
    <font color="red">56% Answered WRONG !!! </font>
    (I know it seemed like forever, but it was only 3 terms)

    *The controversial statue of two naked 7ft-high bronze figures - a male and a female - looking skywards on a dome-shaped fountain embossed with Bob Marley's lyrics "None but ourselves can free our minds" is located here:

    Emancipation Park, Kingston
    93% Answered Correctly

    *On September first of this yea, 175 persons were killed when a speeding MoBay to Kingston train fell into a gully near Kendal, Manchester.

    <font color="red">65% Answered WRONG !!! </font>
    (If you ask you granny, she will tell you 1957, unless she forget to tek medication ;-) )

    *The newly elected Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller hails from this St. Catherine district:

    57% Answered Correctly

    *What can be found at the summit of the Blue Mountain Peak?

    A Trig Station
    <font color="red">58% Answered WRONG !!! </font>
    (A lot of the antenas can be found on Catherines Peak which has a line-of-sight advantage in serving Kingston. There's only a Trig station atop the Blue MOuntain Peak.)

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