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    Re: TOPIC OF THE WEEK - Quintessential Jamaica Song

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    Re: TOPIC OF THE WEEK - Quintessential Jamaica Song

    so we see what 0n your mind?

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    As far from crazy as possible

    I plan to skip the obvious by suggesting the obvious. Although the Fab 5 did a wonderful job with it...I'll go with the original by Eric Donaldson. A Festival Winner I do believe.

    It certainly tells the story with a memorable and uplifting melody and lyric. [And while someday when 'Herb' has been legalized everywhere and people all over the world enjoy the advantages of its many wonderful benefits...thus raising Peter Tosh and his ode to 'Legalize It' to a higher and even more deserved awareness and respect...]
    I'm going with 'Land of My Birth'

    I find myself humming it frequently.
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    ROOTS REGGAE and the music it influenced *R U L E S*. Anything else is, at best, 2nd best.

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    showing my age

    Belafonte Island in the sun

    and, of couse, Jamaica Farewell

    But, unlike Harry I didn't leave my little girl from Kingston Town. She left with me. 45 years ago.
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