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    The Meatiest Sandwich in Human History

    Behold the Meatiest Sandwich in Human History

    Genghis Khan. Alexander the Great. Dagwood. Men of insatiable appetites, all. But none of them came close to creating—much less consuming—a sandwich of this magnitude. Bow, mortal, to the 35 meats, 28 pounds, and countless shuttered arteries that comprise the meatiest sandwich ever.

    British chef/madman Tristan Welch created the flesh-pile in honor of the UK debut of Man Versus Food, a popularish US show that features a large, affable man who travels from town to town, engaging in food challenges while being cheered on by locals who are excited to be on television. It's a triumph of conspicuous consumption, and there really couldn't be a more fitting tribute than a sandwich the size of a three year-old human person.

    The full rundown of ingredients, if you're looking for a project this Memorial Day weekend:

    120g Ndjua 260g roast beef 120g boiled ham 160g Proscuitto 150g honey-roast ham 90g cooked turkey 155g cooked chicken 155g garlic chicken 180g smoked duck breast 120g cooked pork 120g roast ham 280g corned beef 150g German salami 150g Italian sausage 240g cured ham 80g French peppercorn salami 70g Saucisson Sec de Provence 70g herbed Saucisson Sec de Provence 360g chorizo 70g serrano ham 80g pastrami 140g pancetta 150g bacon 70g garlic salami 70g Italian salami 80g dry-cured Proscuitto 380g Bratwurst sausage 150g breaded ham 100g Mortadella 100g Speck 150 Parma ham 65g Jambon Iberico de Bellota 140g Finocchiona 70g wild boar pork salami 100g smoked venison 250g beetroot, sliced 110g assorted salad leaves 1 large red onion, sliced into rings 680g gherkins, sliced 1 large loaf of bread

    As Geekologie points out, that's 2.5 pounds of non-meat in a 28-pound sandwich. And you can move that ratio even more if you just go easy on the beetroot. The meaties sandwich in history. member #946 for LIFE!

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    Re: The Meatiest Sandwich in Human History

    This reminds of the channel my son watches on youtube, wherein two guys make up the most ridiculous meals and proceed to eat them...

    I always regret it if I happen to catch a glimpse...

    Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.

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    Re: The Meatiest Sandwich in Human History

    i can just imagine the binding that would come from that.
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    eeh heeh

    Re: The Meatiest Sandwich in Human History

    man vs. food

    the man look like him dr tell him fi stop nyam all that food though. lately is other people him coaching to eat the food
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