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    Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    Never say never....

    After last year's trip to Spain, I said "I'd never make another Euro trip and I'd never go back to Spain." All that changed the minute I started making my travel plans and Barcelona came up in the conversation. The original plan was to go to Barcelona but somehow that got sidelined for another date (to be planned) and final decision was made for another trip to the Andalusia region of Malaga province; to stay in Fuengirola a touristy, Mediterranean beach side town.

    I spent 3 weeks in Spain, most of my time in Fuengirola and like any other tourist would....Walking the streets, people watching, hanging out at the beach... the mediterranean is cold... pub hopping... dancing... drinking wine wine wine... eating the most delicious home cooked meals. Plus there were side trips to Sevilla (Spain), and a weekend trip to Lisboa, Portugal.

    To say the least, I was with great company and I had a very good time.

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    Mijas (white village of Andalucia) - also called "donkey town" because it's popular for its donkey taxis. Small and quaint mountain village. Very nice for a day trip.

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    View from above Mijas, looking towards Fuengirola... you can see the blue of the mediterranean

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    I took only a very few pics of Fuengirola...this is one. What I liked about Fuengirola is the beach walk. Very busy, active, and entertaining right through the wee hours of the morning. I woke up one morning after 5am and went for a run and still people were out partying.... they were mostly drunks lol. Still the side streets and beach walk are good places to people watch

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    My friend and I took a tour bus to Sevilla -- the tour guide was boring and neither of us were the "tour bus type"; so we lost the group once we got off the bus and went off on our own to foot tour Sevilla. The museums, etc along this strip were aptly named after South American countries, e.g., Uruguay something or the other...

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    I can't remember what this place was all about... All I knew I had to find a bathroom pronto at that time. LOL!

    i found this view interesting...

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    Still in Sevilla ... I wanted a horse and buggy ride... the driver said $150 euro. Maybe I looked like a dumb tourist... who knows.

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    The entire Andalusia region of Spain has such a rich history...from the moorish conquest and the influences they left in the region prior to the castilians taking the region over. I think if I should go back to southern Spain, I should spend a bit more time in Sevilla to really see it a bit more. The day trip perhaps was not enough.

    Sevilla - Gualdalquivr River

    <span style="font-style: italic">more to come later...</span>

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    trip report to Spain

    by SandiF

    can't wait for the food pictures

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    Re: Spain (and Portugal) 2011

    3 weeks am so jealous

    I love Spain
    “Not all those who wander are lost.” –J. R. R. Tolkien

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