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    end of 2011 traveling and back..

    Germany after all was cold and wet and Morocco is so much fun..

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    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    Each year I get away from the boredom of life in these United States and go home to Jamaica to spend time with family and friends. This year, I decided Germany.... well.... Germany for some reason did not sounded too exciting. Then I got a call from my favourite Moroccan.......... And from there, we paved a road to Marrakech to end the year 2011.

    Djemaa El Fna market square in Marrakech with lively street entertainment.
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    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    What else yuh got?

    Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.

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    Mi deh a road.

    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    Most more nuh.

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    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    Hi Sandi

    Going to follow this report when I get home

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    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    I had a connecting flight out of JFK to Casablanca intl flying Royal Air Maroc. By looking at the passengers I could tell most were Africans bound for other locations within the mighty continent. Flight time was 8 hrs and I spent most of the time fitfully dozing or reading a book on fundamentalism Mormons fanatical religious views. Flight landed on schedule...6:25am Maroc time on Christmas eve morning. Immigration and baggage clearance went fast enough. I exit thru terminal 2... mistake. Scanned around... he's not there. Wait..wait..wait and at 1 hr, I knew something was amiss. It's unlike him to be late. Last we spoke, it was close to my flight boarding and he was to leave Fes around midnight their time. Looking up and down the look stretch of the airport, I walked in the direction of terminal 1. There he was... craning his neck and no doubt wondering &quot;ewa, where is that Jamaican woman?&quot; A quick poke in the side and we were hugging and jumping for joy! &quot;Where were you...? I was worried...&quot; Oh my lost weight? Oh my gosh where did all that grey hair come from (both of us)!&quot; We had sooo much to catch up on... family, work, business, life, love and living.

    Once out of the airport, suitcase in the trunk, more hugs, we got out the map and forged the road from &quot;getting outta dodge&quot; Casablanca and set sight on Marrakech. The next days after we would find our way travelling through the high Atlas Mountains to Zagora, Ouarzazate, Mergoza, back to Marrakech and then to the atlantic coastal town of Essaouria, popular for its wind surfing, rife with Moroccan rastas, Portuguese and Jamaican influenced with the rhythms of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmi Hendrix. Before we hit the road, frst things first, I had to call my hubby to let him know, arrived, and all is well and will be in contact over the next days...

    Photos a coming...

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    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    the red city Marrakech...all buildings have a reddish/earthen colour

    walking towards the market square

    it's common to see women in traditional wear and overly modern wear

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    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    it was Saturday Christmas eve and afternoon...the market square Djemaa El Fna was busy but not quite busy. Once after dark, it was an exciting place to be... Here is a colourful guy who sells water from a animal skin water holder. I took a picture with him..

    The medina of Marrakech is a bit different from Fes. It's a bit wider and allow for motor scooters in... It was a clamor of foot traffic, hard carts and motor scooters. This is still outside at the market square...

    The entertainment at the square is just wonderful. Dancer, snake charmers, boxing, magic man palm reader, food galore...

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    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    dried fruits and nuts galore... an obliging poser

    inside the medina. my friend is a fast walker and had slow his pace considerably so that i can snap pics and catch up...

    the medina is a way of life for the average Moroccan and it is the life and breath of the city. just a nice place to stroll and gaze

    vendors selling fresh baked bread, herbs, spices, and more

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    Re: end of 2011 traveling and back..

    very nice SandiF with Morocco so far

    keep posting
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