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    Re: Spotlight on a Christian - JesusDread

    An amazing journey for sure!
    boat drinks! ~ "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead"

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    Re: Spotlight on a Christian - JesusDread

    Originally posted by mountaingal:
    Originally posted by JesusDread:
    [qb] I remained Catholic until I turned 12 then I became a Rastafarian.[/qb]
    okay. that explains your love of puns. rastas are masters at flexing words to get at deeper meanings. some of your puns are quite offensive, JD, but dang, they're always creative...! the Goliad one is a gem.

    enjoyed reading your story. thanks for sharing. [/qb]
    Thank MG.

    One a these days mi muss drop yu a PM... one a these days!


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    Re: Spotlight on a Christian - JesusDread

    Originally posted by JesusDread:
    [qb] Do you seek Godís direction in all aspects of your life?

    Yes, but I must say truthfully, that I do not always seek Him first. Many times I first try to do things in my own ability until I see I can't then I run to God. I'm still working on that flaw [/qb]
    Honesty. Pure and simple.

    I sat in a group tonight and this was one thing that bowled me over. The honesty. The fearlessness. The desire to grow in Him regardless of what others think.

    Gwaan chroo.

    He who has begun a good work in you...

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    "Signature too long..." Whatever man!

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