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Helping Jamaica

Introduction - Helping Jamaicans Help Themselves: We are ready collectively to build a new Jamaica, with shared opportunities for all…so help us God.

Jamaicans.com Sons In The Street Fund
Help us to help others help themselves, as we raise necessary funds to financially assist a targeted family in Kingston, Jamaica.

Resources to "Help Yourselves"

Job Linx Resource: Dedicated to helping you find employment opportunities.
Scholarship File: Dedicated to offering you a list of grants and scholarships available for those who need it most.
Volunteers Needed: Dedicated to organizations that are sending out an S.O.S. as they need your help now.
Hospice and Hostel Directory: For members and friends of our community; we are committed to listing of all the inexpensive or specialized lodging facilities available for people in crisis. Having a hard time finding shelter tonight or need somewhere to shelter your child, grandparent, sibling or parent? Click through to our helpful directory, as we help you deal with the trauma in your life.

Non Profit Organizations in Jamaica

Jamaica Non-Profit Organizations - Want to help out in Jamaica? We have compiled an extensive list of Jamaican Non-Profits Organizations for you to choose from.
Allen-Shaw Foundation, Inc. : Helping Jamaica. Don't throw away your books, donate them.
Help Jamaican Children with Project CeLEBRATIONS: The Paul Andrew Dawkins Children's Project, Inc., is in the process of compiling and publishing a series of 34 books titled CeLEBRATIONS to be sold on an international basis to benefit projects and programs of his organization that will, in turn, benefit children here in the USA, Jamaica and other countries around the world.
NICK :The Negril Internet Coalition for Kids, NICK, is a coalition of friends and families that met through the INTERNET who so generously have volunteered to aid the children of Negril, Jamaica and surrounding areas in whatever way we can.
Help the Maroons with their computer center.
TheReggaeBoyz.com football charity fund is in support of Jamaica's football development.
• Here is a list of New York based Jamaican organizations.
Jamaica Impact (JAMPACT) - Learn more about Jamaica Impact (JAMPACT), an organization making a real impact on Jamaicans in Jamaica and abroad.
Jamaican NPO - Chichibud LTD - Chichibud Ltd., an educational NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) dedicated to providing Jamaicans of all ages but particularly primary school aged children, with opportunities to play, read and explore their history and culture.
Friends Of Jamaica, USA - This month our feature Help Jamaica organization is "Friends of Jamaica", which focus's on providing assistance to Jamaicans and worthy programs in Jamaica.
Jeun'Espoir Jamaïque - Learn more about an organization dedicated to helping teenagers through their yearly visits to Jamaica.
The Mustard Seed Communities - Learn more about the faith based, non-profit organization, the "Mustard Seed Communities", based in Kingston.

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