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Scholarship file
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Scholarship File

Planning to study abroad? Need Money for College?

Are you exploring getting a tertiary level education at a college or career education school? Which one to attend is always amongst the most important detail but when all that fun is over how is one going to pay for the education becomes the headache.

Very few of us have on average J$180,000, US$10,000, Can$12,900 readily available each year to put towards a college education. Over four years that's J$720,000, US$40,000, Can$ 51,600. Do you have a rich Uncle or Aunt? If not, tag along with us as we travel through all your interesting options toward skillfully securing a college education.

There are many community civic, private sector and educational groups that offer loans, grants, fellowships and scholarships. The major difficulty is finding them; the fact is many scholarships go unclaimed each year; not because students don't qualify but because they don't know that the money is available. There is an overwhelming need to organize the wealth of information into a workable source for today's student. That’s why we have created the Scholarship File.

Some scholarships are based on need, others are based on merit. Some are chiefly restrictive, where as others are quite open and rather generous. If the past is anything to judge by, college expenses will continue to rise faster than inflation, so actively searching for financial support has become a real imperative.

We know college is expensive, education after high school, costs time, money and effort. It's a big investment. Parents in most cases are a major source of financial support and since loans and scholarships are often based on family income, planning strategically with your parent or guardian is integral in your bid to attend college.

Call the school where you have been accepted but cannot afford to go and talk with the financial officer or come click through our files and see if there is any helpful resource that can surely get your gala college ball rolling.

The Scholarship File

Two new scholarships available to Jamaicans and minorities at home and abroad are listed monthly, along with important information you will need to know regarding the procedure for applying to foreign colleges.

This month we feature Florida Caribbean Institute Tuition exemption scholarship available to Caribbean nationals, as well as the Jamaica Association of Northern California scholarships for locals in Jamaica and Jamaican Nationals in North America.

Non-Resident Tuition Exemption

Eligible to undergraduate, graduate students as well as non-degree students who have been admitted or who currently meet admission requirements for Community Colleges or Universities in Florida.

Deadline is May 10th 2003. Organization: Florida Caribbean Institute

For more Information: http://lacc.fiu.edu/fci/criteria.htm

Part Time and Full-time Undergraduate or Graduate Scholarship.

The Jamaica Association of Northern California (JANC) has established a fund for the award of scholarships, based on financial need, to high school, trade school, college and university students in Jamaica or the United States. A minimum of US$500 for tuition or a minimum of US$250 for books and/or living expenses is granted to each selected applicant. The deadline for application is May 31st of each year. Awards are announced at our annual Independence Celebration Dance in August. Selected applicants are notified and funds dispersed by the end of August of each year.

Completed application packets and any requests for information may be addressed to; The Jamaica Association of Northern California Scholarship Committee Chairman, P.O. Box 30156, Oakland, CA 94604, USA. or via email to: [email protected]

Check if you meet requirements: http://www.janc.org

Scholarship Sources in Jamaica and other Resource
Tech School Jamaica
UWI Endowment Fund
Higher Education in the Caribbean



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