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Jamaican Overview
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Jamaica Information & Overview

Jamaica: the Island and people...
Brief History : of Jamaica.
The Accompong Maroons History : The Accompong Maroons hold a important place in Jamaican history. Learn more about them.
Historical Dates : Who was the first Jamaican National Hero? Who was the first Miss Jamaica to win Miss World?
Jamaica Independence Pictorial
Road to the Jamaican National Flag
Jamaican National Anthem: The most beautiful song in the world.
Jamaica's National Pledge : Please remember to stand up!!!
Jamaica's National Prayer : For Jamaica, our island home, the land of our birth....
National School Song : The Jamaica national songs that is sung at schools.
The National Heroes' : of Jamaica.
The National Heroes' Song
The National Symbols: of Jamaica.
The Political Parties : in Jamaica.
Jamaican Map - A map of Jamaica and other key cities in Jamaica.
Economic Indicators : on Jamaica, 1990 - 1995.
Jamaica FAQ's - See our FAQ's for additional information on Jamaica.
Jamaican Money - Do you know what Jamaican currency looks like? Check our list of legal tender in Jamaica.
Caribbean Population, Size, Language
A quick overview on the Caribbean Islands Population, Size, and Language.

Tacky's Rebellion
As we celebrate National Heroes Day (October 3rd), learn how Tacky's Rebellion on Easter Sunday 1760, paved the way to freedom. Although he is not a National Hero, his influence on the eventual freedom of the slaves in Jamaica cannot be understated.


Doing Business and moving to Jamaica
  • Returning Residents : Thinking of returning to Jamaica to live. Information on steps to take to move back to Jamaica.
  • Business Info Contacts : Some sources of Business Information Contacts in Jamaica and the U.S.A.
  • Residency/Citizenship
Find the answers you're looking for on how to become a Jamaican resident or Citizen.
Work Requirements
Find the answers on getting permission to work in Jamaica.
General Information
Here is a list of resources for General information on business in Jamaica. This list of resources includes the Jamaica stock exchange,trade and financial information.
Business/Professional Network & Career Bldg. Forum
Looking to do business in Jamaica? The Jamaica Trade & Business Bulletin Board is restricted to offers of and requests for Jamaican products and services, as well as exchange on the business problems and practices of Jamaican trade. It is also an area assist companies and individuals develop contacts and to acquire the knowledge to effectively conduct business internationally from out of Jamaica.
Doing Business in Jamaica?
The atmosphere in corporate Jamaica is ultra conservative as compared to corporate America.

Key contacts Info
  • Embassies : in Jamaica.
  • Business Info Contacts : Some sources of Business Information Contacts in Jamaica and the U.S.A..
  • Information in Jamaica : This is a brief directory with phone numbers and addresses of information resources that are in Jamaica.
  • Jamaica Government Ministries in Jamaica.


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