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Jamaican/Caribbean Media

Jamaican/Caribbean Media is vibrant with the pirate mix that keeps the FCC hunting. Bussing tunes in the most unlikely places. WAVS 1170am and Mystic 1580 on am frequencies are the only official 24 Jamaican broadcast points. With News-Current affairs-Music and the latest from the diasporas pulsating, personalities such as John T, Ron Burke, Pat Montique, Winston Barnes, Aunt Ivey and Jamusa keep our Community informed and bubbling with activities. JIS Jamaica Magazine and CVM's nightly Newscast is aired on cable late at night and early morning.


  • Caribbean Today
  • Now Magazine
  • The Caribbean Voice


  • WAVS 1170 AM Radio
  • WSRF - Mystik 1580am
  • Clint O'Neil on WLRN FM Tuesdays- Saturdays 1am- 5am


  • CVM News (selected cable channels)

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