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Listen the History of Jamaican Music: Christian Reggae Music
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Christian Reggae Music ...
Gospel Reggae is the fastest growing segment of Reggae music today. It is really a homecoming of sorts because so much of the music that influenced Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae has its roots in Gospel. Songs like 'Shadrach, Meshach, & Abendego' by Justin Hinds & the Dominoes, 'Oil in My Lamp' by Eric 'Monty' Morris, 'The Tree of Life [We Are Marching On]' by Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe, 'The Rivers of Babylon' by Brent Dowe and the Melodians, which also became a worldwide hit for Boney M, were some of the songs from the Ska and Rock Steady era[s] that demonstrated a major Gospel influence.

Many mainstream artists have now switched to [or at the very least include] Gospel Reggae including Clive Tennors, Hopeton Lewis, Sanchez, Papa San, Carlene Davis, Richie Stephens, Judy Mowatt, Lt. Stitchie & Junior Tucker. Some of the popular artists include Joan Flemming, Claudette Clark, and the always formidable Grace Thrillers. Jamaican music has certainly gone full circle. Give Thanks and Praises. Listen Now

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Are you Ready - Clive Tennors

Man Upstairs - Richie Stevens

Reggae Songs of Praise, Vol. 2

Real Power- Lt. Stitchie

Reggae Songs of Praise

Victory Papa Sana

Redeemed- Carlene Davis

Vessel - Carlene Davisl

Faith- Junior C

cover High Praise: Reggae Sunsplash '98 Gospel...

coverYow! Reggae Gospel

coverGod Is a Mountain - Claudelle Clarke


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