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Listen the History of Jamaican Music: Reggae Around the World
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Reggae Around the World...
Reggae music is the all-encompassing name for so many genres of Jamaican music. Ska, Rock Steady, Rub-A-Dub, Dancehall etc. To the world, it's simply Reggae and Reggae is a world-wide musical phenomenon. To countries around the globe, Jamaican people have emmigrated and settled. And in doing so, they've brought with them their culture and influence. The music itself has moved even further afield. Today Reggae music is listened to and appreciated by so many nationalities that it is truly global. No matter where you go, people are not only listening to Reggae music...they're actually playing it. In Africa, England, Denmark, Canada, the United States, Japan, throughout the West Indies, Mexico and South America...no matter where you go...Reggae music is a force to be reckoned with. Listen Now

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